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Boknacod from Arctic; Great News for Food Lovers

Learn the name of new discovery. Boknacod is semi-dried Arctic Cod and much-loved in the North of Norway

FINNMARK, NORTH NORWAY: It´s not every year we deliver such a tasty update about a fish. But here is the new word every food lover should pick up; Boknacod. This fish is a culturally cuisine, a love of tradition and taste of the future.

At the epic centre of ongoing darkness and dancing Northern Lights and summer in Midnight Sun, semi-dried cod from this very North area of Norway is the new fish on the plate. In Norwegian, the original name is Boknafisk, following by Boknafisso in Italian and Boknacod in English. This exciting and breaking news feels like discover a new fish showing up from the deep sea.

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Fish from the cold Atlantic Sea

Semi-dried Cod. Let´s describe the buzz; Boknacod is simply about a delicious fish variant made from Cod. Bokna means half-dried or semi-dried and Cod is the flaky white fish, also named as Skrei, cached in the cold North Atlantic Sea. This variation of cod is hanged up to dry for 2-3 weeks in the Arctic winter climate before ready to cook. Except the traditional meal of Boknacod eaten mostly by the locals in the north of Norway, there is actually not many recipes related to Boknacod.

Risotto. After 2-3 weeks hanging outdoor, the fish is semi-dried and based on weather conditions obtained a nice hint of sour taste. Local way of preparation a meal of Boknacod is by boiling the fish in salted water and serve with potato, a stew of vegetables and pan-fried bacon.
However, Boknacod is just right for a risotto or a pot along with, chickpeas, ginger and spices served with rise. The alternatives are loads. In addition, cod is healthy, low on calorie and packed with iron, not to forget the arctic taste.

Missing the traditional real meal

Back in fashion. Long time ago Boknacod fell out of fashion even by the locals, but now the deep-rooted favourite from the Arctic is back, driven by love of healthy food, sustainable fish and for long time missing a traditional real meal. The cod is not salted or nothing fancy or extra, just semi-dried outdoor. This is a fish placed between the white fresh cod and on the other side the complete dried cod and the heavenly salted and dried cod, famed as bacalao and so much loved by the Brazilian.

Cod is Great. We know the fishermen who cache fish along the arctic coast. The main season is from end of February until spring. Ask for further information as we are the self-appointed official promoter and supplier. Year 2019 is The Year of Boknacod and you can secure your order it now.
Because, Boknacod is Great!

Before you head north to the Arctic of Norway, we have exclusive story about the Northern Lights

Arctic :Bright, sunny days, with blazing autumn colours mirrored in clear water and dark winters. That´s the life in the very North of Norway

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Gudmund Lindbaek
Gudmund Lindbaek
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