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Bornholm is the food-island of the Baltic

The locals prefer to drink beer and snaps and eat smoked herring

BORNHOLM, DENMARK: The picturesque food-island of Bornholm has pristine white sandy beaches, woodland, cycle tracks and excellent food. There is a long tradition of smoked fish on the island, particularly herring, mackerel and salmon. Just look for the characteristic chimneys and tempting smoked scent and you are next to a smokehouse on Bornholm.

“Sun over Gudhjem” is the signature dish and a must-try delicacy. It consists of Bornholm-smoked herring with a raw egg yolk, chives and radish, served on freshly baked rye bread. The locals prefer to drink beer and snaps to this delicacy.

Smoked herring is a speciality in Bornholm

Smoked herring

Best for smoked fish. Svaneke is Bornholm´s prettiest village and a place giving you some blissful moments. Try a lunch at Svaneke Røgeri for the iconic Bornholm dish “Sol over Gudhjem” – even if it’s raining outside. Nordbornholms Røgeri serves a buffet of locally smoked fish and soup at a waterside setting in Allinge. Lunch buffet price: 180 Dkr. I praises Hasle Røgeri, address Søndre Bek in Hasle, as the island’s best smokehouse for delicious herring. Here they still smoke fish in the traditional style.

Best restaurants. Local ingredients, a wonderful view to the sea and rocky coastline and a Chef who won the price as the best in the country. Add excellent food and service and you are visiting restaurant Lassens at Stammershalle Badehotel. The five-course menu plus snacks costs 595 Dkr. Serving and explaining the dishes came with a nice touch. This place is always nominated in the Guide “Best stay and dinner”.

Henrik Petersen – a local of Bornholm serving local food

Food island

“The best place for Nordic food”, a friend described after tasting some specialities at Kadeau, the one Michelin star restaurant at Bornholm. Most of the ingrediences come from the island and surrounding waters. The 5-courses menu Pederskerbank costs 800 Dkr, and a 3-courses lunch menu 450 Dkr.

Bornholm is a food-island with a short tourist season and many tasty start-ups, such as organic ice-cream maker, mini-caramel factory in Svaneke and the luxurious Kjastrup chocolatier in Nexø. And they have their own brewery.

Part of Denmark: Bornholm is Danish Pride

Make it Happen!

Touch Down: Most people take the ferry from Ystad in Sweden to Ronne, Bornholm`s biggest town. Train between Copenhagen and Ystad. You can fly Copenhagen-Bornholm.

Stay: Green Solution House in Rønne. Room rates from 1,000 Dkr including breakfast. Main course in the restaurant costs 225 Dkr.

Eat: Look for the symbol “Gourmet Bornholm” at cafés, restaurants and food shop; it’s a sign for local produced food.

Play: The music scene of Bornholm is growing fast and offers a wide range of artists. Don’t miss out Gastgiveren in Allinge where top Danish musician performs every night during the summer

Mini Guide: Bornholm provides active, eventful holiday filled with adventure and a visit to NaturBornholm is an experience of its own for the whole family. Brændesgårdshaven is the largest activity park and zoo, included a heated water park and water slide. The Bornholm Visitor Centre is the official tourist information centre of Bornholm and its location by the harbour in Rønne. Bornholm has four 18-hole golf courses within less than half an hour's drive.

Gudmund Lindbaek
Gudmund Lindbaek
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