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Closer on Zurich: Let the good times roll on!

The industrial quarters have changed in a process of face lifting

ZURICH: “Malgre Lui” is a French term that was mentioned in a famous play by the French dramatist, Moliere. That what I felt when I visited to get a closer look on the city of Zurich. That old myth was shattered when I toured Zurich streets and old town lanes. I discovered that the Zurichoise are friendly, warm, cordial and multi-lingual.

Closer on Zurich
Zurich West

You will fall in love at first sight with the Old Ville. For its antique shops, diverse cuisine and fashionable boutiques. Gustav Gull (1858 – 1942) the renowned architect has left outstanding landmarks that echo the new classic style he created and gave the city an aura of grandiose and serenity. Visit Fraumunster church and be captivated by the stained glass windows created by Marc Chagall in his eighties.

Avant-garde. After first day and a closer look on Zurich. It seems that the industrial quarters are going through a process of rejuvenation and face lifting. Numbers of plants and factories were relocated. Some survived the turbulence of economic depression while the rest transformed to museums, Music halls, busy restaurants and vibrant show rooms. That Quartier is known today as the avant-garde Zurich-West. Boris led me to the blue Prime Tower and landed at the Clouds restaurant & bar that enjoys breathtaking views of the town that lies at 400 feet high.

Closer on Zurich
Nice to meet you! People I met in Zurich

Famous city bars

We enjoyed a casual dinner at Frau Gerolds Garten and met Mischa, the aspiring entrepreneur who runs the food outlet. The surroundings looked relaxing and I had a chat with cool Zurichoise diners. Checking out famous city bars was the icing on the Foret Noir. We hopped from Ole Ole tavern to Helsinki lounge to Land at Dante Alighieri inferno. A good night sleep was a must after a lingering troubadour tour.

Day two and hidden treasures

The next day we were allowed to discover the hidden treasures and a closer look on Zurich included the historic part. I opted to visit the international school of tourism management directed by the capable Frau Hanna Reychener, whom I met briefly at Josefstrasse institute.

We moved by train to Uetliberg mountain overlooking a panoramic view at 2850 feet above sea level. The fashionable Uto Kulm hotel and restaurant offered us a delicious meal with an impressive view. “Happiness do not stay forever” is a famous quotation by Tolstoy. That what I felt when our guides led us for 2 hours walk on Planet Trail from Uto Kulm to Felsenegg. It seems that the model of the solar system welcomed us warmly where we hiked in the open fields and twisted trails. Finally I was thrilled to ride The Cable Car for the first time in my life.

Closer on Zurich
The River Limmat will take you on a leisurely tour

Wide range of options

Zurich founding fathers, from pagean times to Roman era and stretching as early Christianity to reformation eclipse must be turning in their graves if they witness the liberal, tolerant ambiance that the sophisticated metropolis is enjoying for the moment. A contemporary visitor has a wide range of options from Chopin symphonies at the opera house to unique art galleries and provocative fashion shows.

It is not only a beacon of research and glamour but also a hub for world-class travellers seeking Epicurean pleasures while savouring good, mellow times! Let the music play on!

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  1. Very nice report about Switzerland, reflecting the quality of life in Switzerland, life style in Zurich, a really wonderful destination to enjoy Holidays!
    You really enjoyed your stay, Dr. Yahya Kader. You are always most welcome in ZURICH!

    K. Abdoun


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