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Dream now – Travel later. Keep on Dreaming!

Symbol of Hope

Message from Zermatt and Matterhorn; “This is the time to dream new dreams!

LONDON: Since the emergence of the coronavirus crisis, different symbols have been projected onto the Matterhorn every night. Zermatt in Switzerland want this illumination to be a symbol of hope. The village is showing solidarity with all those who are currently suffering and gratitude towards everyone helping to overcome the crisis. The message from the world: Travel later!

travel later
Light is Hope – also for Spain on top of Matterhorn near Zermatt in Switzerland

The sign of hope

“Dear friends from the United Kingdom, Zermatt is deeply connected to you through its history. British mountaineers first brought tourism to Zermatt, and to this day, Zermatt can welcome many visitors from the UK. Unfortunately, travelling is not possible right now. We send you a sign of hope from the Matterhorn instead.” Says Simona from Zermatt Tourism in a special message.

The Swiss have projected the British flag on the east side of the Matterhorn, which rises to over 1,000 metres.

travel later
Great Britain`s flag covers Matterhorn. The mystical, majestic, the mountain of mountains. No one can escape its fascination.

Friends of Lapland

Santa Claus is the most famous citizen of Rovaniemi in Lapland, North of Finland. It has been many months since he opened his doors to welcome visitors daily to his office at the Arctic Circle Rovaniemi. The tradition stands still as Santa Claus Office is closing the doors from visits but opening a window to Christmas magic via daily live stream, so that everyone in need of some Magic can join on Santa Claus.

Personal lives effected

We are up against new difficulties globally, as both businesses and personal lives are affected. We feel you. Now is the time to join efforts and fight to stop this new threat called COVID-19.
It is heartbreaking to see many fine establishments close their doors worldwide.

Santa Claus at his office in Rovaniemi, Sorry, at the moment he cannot invite for a personal visit

“Stay home and healthy and take care of your loved ones, remember to keep the dream alive”, is the message from Sanna, Anne and Toni on behalf of Visit Rovaniemi. Santa Claus will be there – if you travel later to the North of Europe.

Dream of Egypt

On a virtual journey you are welcome to explore the great pyramids of Egypt. We have been to the Pyramide of Giza and you can read our story and watching several videos.

In addition, you can have a look inside the Pyramide with this 360 Video from the BBC. It was built 4,500 years ago. Just have a watch at this video from Giza.

My British dream

Being forced to stay at home, we all expect heading back to some kind of normality. Spending much of my time travelling, I intend to visit the west coast of Scotland when this is all over. I read, looking at pictures and did my research, my dream place in Britain is Isle of Jura off the coast of the mainland. At the Inner Hebrides archipelago, I want to meet locals, shoot pictures and write about my experience from Britain’s wilderness.

DREAM ISLAND: Isle of Jura is the one road island – perfect for walking and cycling

We should all make some research before booking next journey. At Isle of Jura you will walk with a view to the azure sea. With a bit of luck watch for eagles in the sky. The 50km long island has one road, one pub and one distillery, and the Jury single malt whiskey is a treat. This is the place to practice social distancing.

It was here George Orwell wrote the utopian novel “1984” – a political novel written with the purpose of warning readers in the West of the dangers of one-party government. So far, no one has claimed that Orwell in 1948 had a “Virus Made in China” in his mind. Anyway, I continue to dream about Jura and prepare for meeting this island. Even if I have to travel later.

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Gudmund Lindbaek
Gudmund Lindbaek
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