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Dubai Museum of Future – Curved and mysterious

Whether the future will be better or worse, Museum of the Future don´t have the answer

DUBAI: This is about the future. If you ponder how parts of the globe will look like in fifty years, the answer is here. You have to visit the world’s first Museum of the Future in Dubai – the Museum of the Future. Here you can join a journey to the year 2072 and get an insight into the utilization of space, ecosystems and biotechnology, health, well-being and well-being. Or see how the moon in the future can become a source of renewable energy.

Museum of the Future and some of the high-rising buildings in Dubai
Museum of the Future and some of the high-rising buildings in Dubai.


Futuristic building

A dominant and futuristic building along the Sheikh Zayed Road is a chapter of itself, and has already been named one of the world’s most beautiful museums. Even if you only see it in pictures, you understand the reason. The 77-meter-high “Museum of the Future” is round in shape, created by parametric design and 3D technology. Without sharp corners, this is the innovation of architecture.

The building is also decorated with calligraphy based on quotes by Sheikh Mohammed, the man who runs Dubai and the Vice President and Prime Minister of the Emirates (UAE).

From Amazon the space

From the exhibitions you can experience “New Moon”, a space station 600 kilometres above the earth’s surface and learn more about life in space.
In the nature-themed exhibition, you can explore the Amazon rainforest and get closer to species and details that are invisible to the naked eye. In another exhibition, visitors are taken to a digital everyday life where they are encouraged to restore the connection between body and mind.

The museum has seven floors, five of which house the above-mentioned exhibitions. The entire ground floor is dedicated to children. Here they can design, build and be creative under the guidance of local guides.

Ruler Sheikh Mohammed

The Ruler Sheikh Mohammed has been involved in Dubai’s enormous development, almost all the way from this was a small fishing and trading town and a sand dune by the sea. The sheikh has certainly left his mark on the museum – including three quotes made as Arabic calligraphs on the outside.

“We may not live for hundreds of years, but the products of our creativity can leave a legacy long after we are gone.”

“The future belongs to those who can imagine it, design it, and execute it”

“The future does not wait. The future is designed and built today »

The museum is located on Sheikh Zayed Road
The museum is located on Sheikh Zayed Road

Get to the museum

The museum is located right next to the Emirates Towers on Sheikh Zayed Road, and the easiest way to get here is by Dubai Metro. Get off at the Emirates Tower station located on the red line. From here there is a bridge directly to the museum. If you come by car, you may have to park some distance away.

Children under three and all over 60 have free admission, otherwise the ticket price is 145 Dirham. You must book an appointment for your arrival and it is recommended that the visit takes three hours, or as long as you want.

The future of Dubai

The facade is made of stainless steel, and covers a total surface of 17,600 square meters. The building is 77 meters high, and the seven floors cover an area of ​​30,000 square meters.
At the entrance to the Museum of the Future, you will be greeted by a video with the following quote: “There are things in this world that you will not find in any encyclopaedia because they do not exist – not yet»

The future of Dubai is here to stay. This museum emphasizes sustainability and a greener future. But like so much else related to visions, possibilities and all the mysteries of the world: It is still difficult to predict, above all about the future!

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Dubai Museum of Future – Curved and mysterious

Between towers and high buildings, this one appears curved in shape and decidedly unique. This is the Museum of the Future. The future is here.