Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Boknacod from Arctic; Great News for Food Lovers

New beloved fish on the plate – or rather new variations of traditional food based on semi-dried Cod fish

Romantic and amorous surprises; Let the Love flow

It’s time to plan for the next romantic break. We have investigated and found six cities totally free of gondolas and towers

Måløy Raid Center; Mad Jack Churchill with Sword and Pipe

New War Attraction; Meet the British Captain Jack Churchill, keen on raids, carrying bow and arrows, sword and bagpipe

Olivia Oslo serves the authentic Milanese food

Think traditional pasta, risotto, pizza and meat dishes with a modern twist. Then you are in Olivia - and a train station

Adventure Norway like living on the wild side

You are literally sleeping next to the wild sea and always looking at the scenery of harsh nature at Manshausen, north of Norway

Northern Lights the greatest light show on Earth

Head North to the Arctic and watch a magical sight in green and yellow - the Northern Lights bathing the night sky.

Backpacker advice – How to prepare for a trip!

Where ever you go, for how long you travel and what you want to do, it all comes down to one thing, it´s all about preparation

Midnight Sun when I need to clean my head

Take a look at the main picture. To be here on a fine summer’s day is a heady experience – clear of any tourist under the Midnight Sun