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Family-run Waldhaus is like a fairy-tale castle

Food & Beverages
Walking and hiking trails, excellent downhill and cross-country skiing.

Staying here makes us feel as if we are part of something, part of a story

SILS MARIA, Switzerland: Perched above the sleepy snow-covered village of Sils Maria is the stunning castle like Waldhaus Hotel. Opened in 1908, this family run hotel transmits an aura of nostalgia, with it elegance suggestive of bygone eras. Although not fancy in the modern sense, there is a unique charm about the Waldhaus. A certain warmth and friendliness if you will, and this is what keeps guests returning year after year.

A guest room at Waldhaus Hotel


There is nowhere in the world quite like the Waldhaus. Five generations of the same family have made this hotel their lives and by doing so have created a very special place. Staying at the Waldhaus makes you feel as if you are part of something, part of a story that is much bigger than yourself. Efforts to preserve the original interior allows for your mind to wander and imagine all the guests who have gone before you. The emphasis on the old world provides an oasis from the modern, and gives a beautiful sense of peace and calm.



The Waldhaus is located in Sils Maria in the famous Engadine Valley. Sils Maria is most well known for being the summer home to German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. The Waldhaus provides guests with a free bus ticket during their stay so they can travel to different parts of the valley for skiing. The ultra glamorous and minkfur town of St. Moritz is 10km away.


The Waldhaus was designed so that all rooms offer views of the Swiss Alps. There are a variety of sizes and styles for guests to choose from, some of the rooms have even been restored with their original 1908 furniture. Our room was simple and spacious, it lacked the ornate finishings of some of the more glitzy hotels in St. Moritz, but its fresh white bed clothing and stunning mountain views were immensely pleasing.


Dining room

Dinner at the Waldhaus was a true highlight of the stay. A 5-course menu is prepared daily with the majority of ingredients being locally sourced. Guests are treated to a full silver service under the chandeliers of the main dining room. One may also opt for a la carte at the Waldhaus’s fine dining restaurant. In the morning, the dining room has terrific views of the Alps making it a lovely place to sip coffee and nibble on croissants.

Facilities. The Waldhaus has an indoor heated swimming pool and a small gym, and a Spa.

Five-star hotel

The Waldhaus is unusual in that it is a far cry from the overt decadence of the other five star hotels in the area, instead it offers a peaceful mountain escape to a place where time has stood still. It’s focus on preserving its history and providing personalized service makes the place instantly homey, you could easily stay for months and may even be tempted to wander down to breakfast in your pyjamas. If you like old-world class, good hearty-food, and quietly stunning mountain views this is the place for you!

Switzerland is a walker´s paradise. Here are some tracks next to The Waldhaus

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