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Festivals in Havana with jazz and sultry dance

Follow Cubans and do what they do best – hang out, listen to music and learn salsa

FESTIVALS IN HAVANA: Such a vibrant city, a fascinating mix of stunning colonial architecture with music and dance. With wonderful restored buildings, yet so much of this weird place is crumbling and literally collapsing. The countryside; Exciting culture, cowboys, cigar factory and cycling through towns without tourists. Communism is still alive, but no Castro in the front seat any more.

Festivals in Havana
A man smoking cigar in Havana – sure

Groove all year. There is just something magical about wandering around in glorious weather while indulging your senses. The wide variety of festivals in Cuba are just so dam enjoyable, and since it´s warm and sunny most of the year, you don´t need to wait for summer months to get your festival groove on.

Cuban Jazz. You wouldn’t necessarily associate jazz with a holiday paradise, but The Havana Jazz Festival is in fact one of the most popular festivals in Cuba, playing host to both local and international artists. Held each December in venues across the city, the festival is basically a celebration of all things jazz, and you can see dozens of performances during its four-day run. There’s a lot of traditional jazz, as well as numerous artists who specialize in Afro-Cuban jazz, which is jazz intermingled with seductive Cuban beats.
Next jazz festival: 12 – 20 January 2020

Cigars part of festivals in Havana

Light Up. A look at the festivals in Cuba is not complete without a celebration of cigars. Each February Havana lights up for the Habanos Cigar Festival. “Habanos” is what the locals call Cuban cigars, and the festival is also a trade show. You might rub shoulders with professionals whose family have been making cigars for centuries, or dedicated cigar fans looking to stock up. But the real joy of this festival is to sample the cigars themselves.
Next Cigar Festival: February 2020

Follow Cubans. There are so many Cuban festivals on offer, actually it can be difficult to decide which ones are up for your visit. Anyway, Cuba hits your mind and grabs us visitors with music and dance in an inexplicable way. If you like a bit of substance with your sun cream, follow the Cubans and do what they do best – hang out in the cafés, listen to some music and learn to salsa dance.

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Gudmund Lindbaek
Gudmund Lindbaek
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