My Town: Mijas, Spain
Name: Gina Gil
Born: 1967
Real Estate Specialist, Costa del Sol

MIJAS, COSTA DEL SOL: I am a very passionate person and constantly seeking for new bright experiences and emotions. I am an explorer by nature and always try to discover new interesting places rich in history, entertainment, natural beauty, picturesque surrounding and interesting people. Mijas is the town that answers all of these desires but is not new for me, I keep visiting this amazing town again and again since 1993. I live on Costa del Sol and love this amazing place with all my heart – it beats in absolute unison with my nature.

Where do you live? I live on Mijas Costa, Malaga, South of Spain.

I grew up: Tallinn, the capital of Estonia

Why I love Mijas: It´s something special about this place – I never get tired of it and every time I come here I see something new. I experience that excitement similar to my first visit. For me it is not just about enjoying it by myself but also sharing it with my friends and clients. Being a local real estate agent my first aim is to show my clients the best our coast has got to offer so they could experience the happiness and joy of seeing beautiful surroundings, learning about traditions, meeting locals and trying Mediterranean healthy diet.

Mijas on it´s best? Located on the hill just few minutes’ drive from Fuengirola, Mijas offers amazing view to the coast, cobble stone narrow streets with white stone houses sprinkled with colorful flower pots, handcraft shops and outdoor cafes, old churches and a bull ring, its own authentic chocolate factory, flamenco street dancers and frequent celebrations on the main church with big stalls of food and drinks. It is an amazing place where everyone is welcome to join a happy Mediterranean lifestyle.

My early memory: The first time I visited Mijas was in 1993 when I moved to the coast from a beautiful but very cold and different Estonia. From the first moment Mijas has become an impersonation of everything we love about Spain.
Few years later my son was born and there was no question where shall we christen him – it was a very special church in a very special town of Mijas. Unforgettable memories.

My favourite place to eat: Restaurante La Alcazaba Local 306, Plaza Constitucion, 29650 Mijas Pueblo. La Alcazaba  give  feeling of importance – especially if you are dining in their “La Sala”, the place for special occasions – perfect for birthday parties or a wedding celebration. Breath-taking views over the coast, friendly service and good selection of traditional Spanish food.

What do you eat there? Prawns “Pil Pil” is my favorite starter and “Dorada en sal” as the main.

Typical local food? Tapas and seafood

 Meet the locals: Mayan Monkey Mijas Chocolate Factory, Plaza Virgen de la Pena, 15, Mijas Pueblo. This is a must to visit every time I go to Mijas. It attracts all sorts of people of different nationalities who admire good coffee, handmade chocolate and a good chat. Simple but very special place.

Best place for a first date? Viewing platforms of Mijas of course… Sharing this fantastic experience will be the moment to remember and unite. Here I fall in love with Mijas

My best advice: Choose clear sunny day for visiting Mijas to admire fantastic breath taking views in full.

My favourite shop: I adore handcraft shops in Mijas – they are more like museums where every item produced by local talented artists and displayed with great taste and love.

Taxi or other local transport: Mijas is very easy to reach by car (only 5 mins drive up the hill from A7 in Fuengirola), by taxi or by bus from the main bus station in Fuengirola. Great parking space by the Town Hall of Mijas for only 1 euro per day.

How do you find the best places to eat when you travel? I follow my intuition or speak to locals – they are the best source of information.



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