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Home Adventure Isabela Puerto Rico: Maureen's Guide to Peace and Tranquillity

Isabela Puerto Rico: Maureen’s Guide to Peace and Tranquillity

Peace. Tranquillity. Isabela in Puerto Rico is the place to go – and it’s perfect for surfing

My City: Isabela, Puerto Rico
Name: Maureen Shannon
Age: 39
Profession: I’m a sommelier, or a wine and drinks expert. I use my expertise to help local bars and restaurants being a little bit more up to date.

Puerto Rico: The town of Isabela on the northwest coast of Puerto Rico is known for its splendid natural beauty, beaches, forest and perfect conditions for surfing. We have been to the “Garden of the Northwest” and met Maureen, a tall and tattooed local from Texas.

Where do you live? Austin, Texas / Isabela, Puerto Rico

Here I grew up: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Why I visit Isabela

For me Isabela is a place for peace and tranquillity. Here I can be myself, using my profession helping the local people upgrade their businesses, or just relaxing at miles of sandy beaches. Here I experience a non-tourist life, and that is essential. If I want a big city, San Juan is only two hours away.

My first memory: I came here to meet a friend who is a chef and I almost run him over with my car looking for the right location of his restaurant. There were some old men playing dominoes on the sidewalk, everything was quiet, and I just felt that this is where I want to stay. I ended up buying a house close to the plaza and I love it.

How to find the best places to eat when you travel? I try to avoid the billboard or tourist advertised places, and rather looks to where the locals eat. It never fails. I’m also very found of street-food and what they sell everywhere along the highways here.

You are also an Airbnb hostess? I have always been travelling myself, and this is a fantastic way to meet interesting people and at the same time earn some money.

You have a dog, how did that happen? I love animals and especially dogs. Back in Texas I have a Mastiff, and I really didn’t plan on having a dog down here. There is a lot of abandoned street-dogs here, and one day when I woke up and went out into the garden I found the tiniest, charming, and confused little puppy there. I realised I had a dog, and I named him Benito. is a non-profit, all volunteer organisation dedicated to easing the suffering of Puerto Rico’s homeless and abused animals. “Sato” is slang for street dog. We rescue Satos from the streets and beaches; give them medical care, food and finally a loving home.

My favourite to eat

Restaurant CLMDO,Calle Manuel Corchado Juarbe, Isabela. The best place to eat in Isabela.

What do you eat there? Pork Tenderloin with seasonal vegetables and black rice. It’s a good mix of Mediterranean and Caribbean cuisine.

Typical local food

Plantains are the potatoes of Puerto Rico. Apart from that I love the Tamales, which is any kind of meat or fish mixed with vegetables, wrapped in a banana or corn leaf. Fried Empanadas with fish, meat or chicken is also very popular. Mofongo is a famous Puerto Rican dish, which is fried, and mashed plantains, formed as a bowl, filled with your choice of fish, pork or chicken. It varies a lot from place to place around the island, and it can be hard to find the real stuff. Then of course you have fresh fish and squids.

Meet the locals

One Boutique on the Plaza in Isabela and Jobos beach-bar to meet the surf-crowd

My favourite bar: La Factoria, Old San Juan, 148 Calle San Sebastián, San Juan. Factoria is a great place and it is selected among the 50 best bars in the world! Nice music, friendly staff, fabulous cocktails and delicious food. The prices are more than reasonable and the atmosphere nice and relaxed.

Best place for a first date? Eclipse Bar in Villa Montana, Villa Montaña, Carr PR-4466 km 1.9, Bo Montaña, Aguadilla

My secret place

Playa Teredoro. That’s where I go if I really want to get lost. Very few people, some rock formations, and a nice tidal pool, with crystal clear water and you can see a lot of fish there while snorkelling. You want even find it on the map.

How do the local men react to a single, tall and tattooed woman travelling alone? Well, Puerto Rico is a pretty conservative place, and you want find many single women venturing out unaccompanied. Me, very tall and with a lot of tattoos, I think the men get a little bit intimidated, and they tend to leave me alone. Puerto Ricans are normally very polite and easygoing people, and so far I have had no problems.

My best advice

Rent a car. The geography change a lot throughout the island.

My favourite shop: I’m not much into traditional shopping. I prefer to explore flea markets and antique shops, looking for the unexpected treasure.

My favourite Event: A lot going on around the island and in-between Christmas and New Year you’ll find parties almost everywhere.

Taxi or other local transport: You have a car, or you take a taxi.

Keep away of: Stay away from Sea Urchins. Step on one, and your vacations are spoiled. Be street-smart, don’t carry around big purses and be where there are other people.

Why do you travel? I have always been travelling, and I have learned to travel alone. That way I meet people; get to know interesting places and no stress. I travel as much as I can.

More Puerto Rico: You might want to take a look at Anna Kate’s story about Puerto Rico and the old town San Juan. She loves life and cheap drinks.

Howard Cocodrilo Saether
Howard Cocodrilo Saether
Born without fear. Lived aboard a sailboat for 9 years, sailing from Norway to Island, Greenland, Canada, USA, Caribbean, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and then back to Europe. Two years on horseback through Uruguay, Brazil, and Paraguay before ending up in Bolivia, owning a traditional cattle ranch for 13 years. Extensive traveling South America on motorbikes.


  1. Howard! Nice article. You may have got some of my words confused! Pastelillos are the Puerto Rican version
    of Empanada. Pasteles are like Tamales, but with Banana leaf – Not to confuse Mexican with Puerto Rican food!!

    Also, I am here to help open the new sister restaurant to CLMDO: Julia’s. I will design the bar program and be the general manager form there. Hope you come back to visit and see the new place!

  2. Very nice article! Maureen sounds like an amazing person. My husband and I recently relocated to Isabela from Florida. I was born in Puerto Rico and lived all my life in US – however, my husband is from Michigan. We too love our newly adopted town of Isabela and bought a home close to town. I look forward to meeting Maureen someday in our beautiful Isabela!

  3. Howard,nice and sincere article.Maureen thanks for realising there is a garden at the North West parte of Puerto Rico and its called…Isabela.I know for I was born and reised here.I have travelled all o ver the world and as we say here..Si yo no hubiera nacido en el pueblo en que naci,yo me uniera arrepentido de no haber nacido aqui.Its a song meaning something like if I die I want to again be born here.Our History dates back to almost2,000years ago with Our taínos Indiana seting by the Guajataka river,..Our cacique chief..
    Mabodamaca fighting the spaniards in 1511 ,then spaniards seting and founding,La Tuna.LaTuna was the original town of Isabela when in 1889 beca use its nearness to the ocean they move to its presente location.Sorry i could not leve a coment,Insread I have given you the story I love to tell.That of my beautiful Isabela .

  4. Great article glad my wife shared this with me, I have had the privilege of meeting Maureen she is an interesting person. I am from the Big Apple and the first time I visited Isabela I fell in love with it. I am glad to say “here I stay”. Though my family is from Aguadilla I have a great place to build a house for my wife and I here in her home town of Isabela Puerto Rico… all should visit and fall in love with our little slice of paradise…

  5. Great article glad my wife shared this with me, I have had the privilege of meeting Maureen she is an interesting person. I am from the Big Apple and the first time I visited Isabela I fell in love with it. I am glad to say “here I stay”. Though my family is from Aguadilla I have found a great place to build a house for my wife and I here in her home town of Isabela Puerto Rico… all should visit and fall in love with our little slice of paradise…


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