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Meet Gaston Acurio in Lima and Madrid – Lord of the Kitchen

Gaston Acurio from Peru – one of the best chefs in the world

GASTON ACURIO is a true ambassador of Peruvian cuisine and has helped establish typical Peruvian meals in a modern and attractive style. He is owner of restaurants in several countries and host of his own television program.

Gaston´s restaurant in Madrid

Together with his wife Astrid, he managed the restaurant franchise Astrid & Gastòn since 1994. From the first in the district of Miraflores in Lima he expanded in Latin America and in Europe, opening in Santiago de Chile, Bogotá, Quito, Caracas, Buenos Aires and Madrid. His Café del Museo lies in the art-historical LarcoMuseum in Lima.

One of the best

Certainly Gaston Acurio is on the list of “The 50 Best Restaurants” as well as “The World’s 50 Best Chefs”. But how do the best chefs engage their followers and fans – What do the Lord of the Kitchen do online?

When we talk about chefs there’s no question. The British Jamie Oliver has the best communication skills. He tweets daily with recipes, makes comments on Instagram about Food Revolution or other social inclusion campaigns that he’s a part of. He has 1.1 million followers on Instagram and almost 3.5 million on Twitter.

Gaston Acurio
Food to be served at Gaston Acurio`s restaurants

Social networks

Besides cooking or running kitchens, the chef gives lessons at conferences, host TV shows and communicates actively in social networks. Recipes, pictures of dishes, trips and videos of work are some of the contents that you can find on his YouTube account.

Almost all of the owners of the world’s 50 best restaurants invest in film making to show their work and spent at least some time during the day to check Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Award winner

Nowadays Gastón Acurio is one of the most popular chefs worldwide. Lifetime Achievement award winner in the first Latin-American’s “The World’s 50 Best Restaurant”, Acurio spends about 30 minutes a day keeping up with social networks. He has more than 500.000 followers on Twitter and 700.000 fans on his Facebook page.

He promotes traditional Peruvian cuisine giving daily quick improvise recipes using the moment inspiration and his own image bank.

“I have no strategy or week program for the recetuits”, said Acurio. Astrid y Gaston restaurant is number 14 in “The World’s Best Restaurants” award, second best in all Latin-American.
During 2011 Acurio filmed a documentary with Ferran Adrià about the taste of his country: “Peru Sabe”, produced by Telefonica. The Spanish company spent U$S 250.000 on this film and is now showing globally.

TV host

Besides been an award winning chef and successful business man, Acurio has been a TV host for over 10 years and his movie “Finding Gastón” will be on theatres soon.
Video is a very important support for Gastón and staff of creative chefs. He always communicates with the audience throughout films. Acurio Coporation, his company, shoots between 4 and 7 videos a year.
In order to keep up with his fans, this chef also publishes comments on Facebook and Twitter daily and recently joined Instagram.

Visit Astrid & Gastón at Madrid, Paseo de la Castellana, 13

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