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Montreux; Santa flew over Lake Leman

Charlie Chaplin´s World on the banks of Lake Leman

MONTREUX: If lake Leman were a necklace of studded diamonds, definitely la ville de  Montreux will be the Jewel crown! Nestled on the cosy north eastern shores of the lake, the cool, romantic Swiss city accommodates convivial residents estimated at 25,000 dwellers. Christoph Sturny, director of Montreux Riviera Tourism Promotion bureau is proud of his crowd pleaser city.

Charlie Chaplin. The Charlie Chaplin´s World attraction is another brick in the mosaic of Swiss tourism treasures. On the banks of Lake Leman, in the ville of Corsier Sur Vevey you will find the historical residence of the legendary comedian. He spent 25 happy years in the Manoir lodge. Now a studio has been created in addition to the lavish ten acres park.

Celebrities. A long list of reputable literary and musical figures selected Montreux as their permanent residence. The list extends from David Bowie, to Igor Stravinsky, Claude Nobs, Noel Coward, Vladimir Nabokov to the virtuoso Tchaikovsky. The city still conceal its magnetic power that lures all those great minds and exceptional talents to make this resort a safe haven.

Leisure vs. Business. Apart from the traditional image of Montreux as a world resort for world peace conventions and major political settlements  and negotiations, lately  the city went through a radical  phase of metamorphosis! The most popular jazz festival events, rock concerts, culture trends and sought after art  expos are being held in Montreux. According to Julia Tames, media & communications manager for Montreux Riviera Tourism, 80% of the visitors are labelled as leisure & recreation visitors. The city has a magic spell over its unaware Pellegrinos! A perfect combination of fair weather, gourmet cuisine, and charming camaraderie.

Serene ambiance. I had an enjoyable lunch with Judith Morsel, the media & communications manager for Montreux Riviera tourism. She pointed out that the number of tourist nights for the Gulf visitors have tripled over the period of (2010-2016). But the smart communicator stresses the value of “pure inspiration” transmitted through unique and sensational images. Beauty got to be in the eye of the viewer!


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