Many new tours to lesser-known destinations in central region

JAPAN: Several tour operators are adding a variety of new Japan experiences to their line-up this year, offering fresh twists on the classic tour as well as new additions, whether it is those who prefer to travel at a more sedate pace, family groups, or die-hard beach-bums.

Many of the new tours include time spent in lesser-known destinations in the central Chubu region, a repository of traditional culture and heritage, such as Kanazawa and Takayama, where old Japan exists untouched.

Beach holidays. Japan is an archipelago made up of nearly 7,000 islands. Island getaways feature heavily in the new tours, from Shikoku, Japan’s fourth largest island, to the tropical Ogasawara Islands, known as the Galapagos of Japan, and Okinawa, Japan’s southern beach resort paradise.

Okinawa. The perfect add-on to any tour of Japan is an island retreat to Japan’s southern resort paradise of Okinawa. Domestic flights from Tokyo or Osaka, accommodation, and daily breakfasts are all included, leaving you free to focus on what matters – relaxing.
Relax on one of Okinawa’s countless pristine beaches, letting time pass you by as you revel in the joy of the sublime white sand dunes and sparkling sapphire sea around you. Some of Okinawa’s best are to be found on Zamami Island, where you’ll be able to spend a blissful, carefree day – but it’s not all about beaches.

Culture and history. Called the Ryukyu Kingdom, Okinawa was a separate kingdom until the 17th century, so it also has plenty to offer in the way of cultural, historical and gastronomic delights, making it a hugely interesting destination for everyone. Take time out from topping up your tan to visit unusual and eye-opening historical and cultural sites such as Chinese-influenced Shuri Castle, tropical landscape garden Shikinaen, and Tamaudun Mausoleum, built for the Ryukyuan royal family in the 16th century.

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