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Shangri-La Tokyo and a fusion of old and new

The hotel´s collection of art would rival many a museum

TOKYO: At night, blinding neon lights hanging from skyscrappers illuminate the streets, interspersed by ancient temples hidden behind trees. Top of the range technology has been amalgamated into every facet of life. Yet still the opportunity to switch off and participate in century old tea ceremonies remains a favourite among locals. Shangri-La Tokyo is a fusion of old and new, East and West. This city is a must visit for anyone hoping to experience something new. That said, there is no better place to explore this wonderful city than a luxury 5-star hotel!

The Financial district

Location: The Shangri-La Tokyo is located in the Marunouchi Financial district, and it is a mere minute walk from an entrance to Tokyo station. Near to catch the Shinkansen Bullet train. A top tip would be to make use of the complimentary “Meet and Greet” service if arriving at Tokyo Station. The historic Nihonbashi area and the Imperial Palace are also within walking distance from the hotel.

Atmosphere: The Shangri-La Tokyo pays close attention to its hosting city as well as staying true to the Shangri-La chains ethos. Throughout the hotel references to Japanese culture can be found, perhaps most notably is the beautiful lobby lounge chandelier with crystals designed to look like the leaves of a Gingko tree.

Art works on display

The hotels collection of art would rival many a museum with over 2000 works on display. The collection is inspired by poetry by Bai Juyi, a Chinese poet of the Tang Dynasty. In his writings he alludes to the idea of entering a spiritual oasis by listening to the music of the Chinese lute. This concept is brought to fruition by the presence of horizontal and vertical lines in many pieces of art, which symbolize the strings of the lute.

Rooms: The most notable feature of the Shangri-La Tokyo is the sense of space. In a city of over 13 million and home of the capsule hotel, space is the ultimate luxury. Then of course there is the view! All the way to the 37th floor all bedrooms feature floor length windows over looking Tokyo’s impressive skyline.

As to be expected the technology is top of the range, the toilet lid even pops up automatically when you enter the bathroom.

Serves Italian food

Dining: The main dining options at the Shangri-La Tokyo are Piacere, which serves contemporary Italian cuisine. Also Nadaman, an authentic Japanese Restaurant. Half of the ingredients are locally sourced in Japan a new initiative named “Going to the Source”. All of the local produce is personally sourced by Chef Andrea Ferrero. She travels the country every year checking out a variety of small organic farms.

Service: A stand-out feature of the Shangri-La Tokyo is its dedication to top class service. When at dinner at Nadaman I asked my dining companion about Japanese culture, to which she responded that the key was to anticipate what another person wants. This idea is so evident throughout the hotel by a variety of added touches that make the stay extra special. Just one example would be that in every room there is a yoga mat, yoga mats are of course incredibly awkard to travel with but many people enjoy yoga making it a great added extra to the room.

Overall: My stay at the Shangri-La was truly wonderful from start to finish. The room rate is naturally on the pricey side but it really delivers in terms of offering a luxurious stay right in the heart of the city.

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