Sasha from Dubai how she survive in Swiss snowstorm

SWITZERLAND: More or less every year I return to the Swiss Hotel Management School in the town of Leysin near the top of Swiss mountains, 1260 meter above sea level. Arriving in Geneva from my home city of Dubai. As soon as I left Geneva Airport I called my best friend Jina.

It was really relaxing to see the view while the train was moving to my destination. The worst part was the snowing and freezing cold besides dragging my heavy luggage. Shuttling from Cornavin station, then to Aigle, until reaching my final stop at Leysin and my school residence in the Swiss mountains.

Click photos Swiss mountains

Food important. The next day I met Jina for lunch at a kebab restaurant next to the university. Afterwards I was feeling a bit down, until Jina said: Let´s go to Montreux to change your mood!
Food is important and we had so much fun since we ate at Minute Kebab. We both ordered tacos sandwich as well as went to have sushi. We walked on the lake of Montreux and looked at the beautiful atmosphere and shot pictures with Freddie Mercury and enjoyed the visit.

Snowstorm. We always get excited by all the white snow, but my Indian friend Jina and I was scared when we realized our train was cancelled as result of a heavy snowstorm. As a result our return to home town Leysin had to go by bus.

Another day Jina and I went to Montreux and had the most amazing California roll sushi, as well as we went to the city of Lausanne with Jina’s friend. In Lausanne we went shopping at the mall as well as look around. We returned to Montreux, went to Jina’s friend house to chill and relax for a bit there before we returned home.

For a weekend Jina and I also visited Villars, a posh ski resort with fine dining both on the slopes and in the village. Here we knew about a Mexican restaurant to savour Mexican food and on top a beautiful atmosphere spiced up with Latino music. And we shot a lot of pictures.

Our next unforgettable meal consisted of Pate de Foie Gras as starter and Tournedos Rossini for the main course. I guess the dessert was Mousse Au Chocolat!  What a treat A La Framboise!  As you might understand, food is important and we have many excellent restaurants in the Swiss mountains.

Sadly, my most amazing friend Jina will soon be leaving soon. She is the one who made my third year semester pass fast and happily. Jina also motivates me to have fun in our life. And when you live on top of the mountains you feel like you are near heaven with beautiful fresh air in the morning, with the falling snow flakes and birds singing. After all, waking up here I feel relaxed and cheerful for the rest of the day. Vive La Montagne!


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