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Time travel: Check out Tokyo in an old light

Tokyo is a fascinating mix of traditional culture and modern sensibilities, and the historic past pop up in unlikely places

Cambridge is Up-to-date – but spooky, old and historic

Cambridge is historic and intellectual, but invasion of young professionals has changed the city. Mixed the old and the trendy.

Cairo; Pyramids, Sphinx and screaming Chinese

A truly overwhelming visit! The Great Pyramid of Giza is the last standing wonder of the ancient world.

Romantic journey on Nile River – Life on the sundeck

Nile River flows through famous places and historic sites. A cruise is laidback and romantic style. Report from the sundeck of Darakum.

Guide, Advice, Heart and Soul of Zurich

Searching for the new trends of Zurich, we found ironic art and the new popular meeting point

Town-life in Russia; Curiosities at a glance

Make stop in the small town of Pereslavl Zallessky – visit odd museums, walk the history and have typical Russian rest.