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Outstanding Ashley Christensen Best Chef in America

Make a trip. A visit to Raleigh is not complete without dining in one of Ashley Christensen´s restaurants. And you can't go wrong with any of them.

Don´t wait, It Could Take a Lifetime to Explore Chile

Chile is stretched – from Atacama Desert in the North to Wilds of Patagonia in the south. Don’t forget enigmatic Rapa Nui

It´s something about Lucca, Certainly Food and Locals

Visiting Italy, I´m reminded how wonderfully diverse the food is. But I´m as much happy to meet some locals of Lucca

Long London lunch at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen

Food and wine were superb, but star-chef Jamie Oliver was not to be seen at his Fifteen in central London.

Argentina Contrast; Devil’s Throat and street tango

I remember the thundering waters of Iguazu Falls, Patagonia´s glaciers and the elegant people of Bueno Aires

Visit Lucca – get motivation for real local cooking

We serve key advice how to turn into a Pasta Master. But there is far more to Tuscany food than pasta

Olivia Oslo serves the authentic Milanese food

Think traditional pasta, risotto, pizza and meat dishes with a modern twist. Then you are in Olivia - and a train station

Forget France, it´s all about British wines and vines

Taste of England; From the charming countryside there’s a winery to suit everyone’s taste - and fizz to rival Champagne!

Taste Britain; Total 175 Michelin restaurants

Ready to taste Britain! We present the list of all the Michelin starred restaurants. London has three with three stars

Taste of Montevideo – Meat-lovers heaven

Start with bread, chorizos, blood sausages and some intestines, before you try to devour a kilo of juicy and very tasty beef.