AOSTA VALLEY, ITALY: The smallest region in Italy is visited every year – and year-round – by people from near and far, who is skiing, trekking, running, biking or exploring the area’s Roman past. With charming mountain huts, beautiful wellness hotels, agrotourism and modest bed and breakfasts, there is something for everyone, every comfort level and every holiday budget.

Slowness and tranquility is a new kind of luxury. If you are longing to enjoy the tranquility and slowness of the mountains, you can take advantage of the Slow Holiday concept. In Aosta Valley you stay in smaller guest houses and hotels in the middle of nature, which are perfect if you want to chill. You are close to the hosts who are eager to share their love and passion for this area.

Aosta Valley
Take advantage of the Slow Holiday concept such as this Spa in Aosta Valley

Mountain Huts. If you want to get even closer to nature, you can stay in one of the area’s many mountain huts. The first mountain huts were established in the area in the late nineteenth century as the interest for mountaineering were growing and due to an increased need for useful logistical solutions in the mountains. Some mountain huts are perfect for experienced mountaineers and hikers, while others are suitable for families and newbies. The most trained hikers can also take advantage of the area’s numerous bivouac huts.

Biking in Gran Paradiso

Bike vacation. Aosta is also a very popular place for cyclists of all levels, and the “Bike Hotels” network is a collection of particularly bike friendly hotels throughout the valley. Here the accommodation facilities are adapted to the needs and expectations of bicycle enthusiasts with the possibility of bicycle storage, repair and information on bicycle routes. There is also laundry service and meals suitable for cyclists.

Vacation in the mountains is not necessarily just about active holidays. It’s also about charging the batteries and relaxing in beautiful surroundings, having time together and eating well. All these prerequisites are present in the Aosta Valley, where French and Italian culture meets. If you need some extra pampering, you can take advantage of the area’s many spa and wellness facilities.

There is also ample opportunity to get a massage and beauty treatments in places such as Pré-Saint-Didier Spa, Saint-Vincent Spa, Valle d’Aosta Wellness and Monterosaterme.

Local traditions. The Aosta Valley has long had a strong focus on the environment and climate.  The environmental hotels undertake to respect a number of criteria for sustainable management of environmental resources. Cogne has been awarded the Sustainable Destinations. Among the most important reasons for this are public transport, the protection of the area of Gran Paradiso National Park and associations that keep old, local traditions alive.

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