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Attractions in Costa Rica – Meet and greet the Ticos

Costa Ricans, known as Ticos, are multi-ethnic Spanish-speaking in Central America

SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA: As a first-time visitor, I always listen what a tour guide has to say. Read the guides comments to learn more about all the attractions in Costa Rica. Volcanoes, rainforests and cloud forests, huge waterfalls and mighty rivers. Plants and animals everywhere. A paradise for divers. A favorite for surfing. Tortuguero National Park, located in the Northern Caribbean side, locally known as little Amazonas. Finally, the Irazu volcano, a giant located 30km from capital city San Jose.

Attractions in Costa Rica
Irazú volcano stands at 3,432 meters above sea level.

The guide from the Tourist Office mention some more attractions. Surprisingly, he didn´t declare a single word about the people of Costa Rica, in my world the most interesting attraction in this country. What would Costa Rica have been without its people? Most likely, just a National Park.

Attractions in Costa Rica
In a riverboat up one of many rivers in Costa Rica

Activities and nature

The natural landscapes set the stage for coast to coast, action-packed adventures. Thanks to the country’s compact size, travelers looking for extreme adventures can participate in any and all adventures they wish without stressing over not having enough time to go from one activity to the next. Among the different types of rope-based adventures on offer is rappel, an activity where you will descend from the top of a tree, waterfalls, rocks or rock formations, to the ground.

Attractions in Costa Rica

The ultimate view

Head over to Irazú National Park, which is a short drive from San Jose. Named after the country’s highest volcano, this national park is most popular for its breathtaking panoramic views. On a clear day you can see both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts from the top of the volcano. The Irazú Volcano stands at 3,432 meters above sea level. Admission is $10 per person.

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Attractions in Costa Rica
Wedding in the middle of nature in Costa Rica

Natural wedding

Couples looking for a natural setting for their romantic boho chic wedding, need to look no further than Costa Rica. The country offers a variety of green environments for a picturesque day, instead of incorporating natural elements into your celebration. Whether in the mystical rainforest, gorgeous countryside or on one of the many pristine beaches, Costa Rica help you begin a union in a fascinating haven among plenty of attractions.

A couple´s wedding near a waterfall in Costa Rica

Eat healthy food

In Costa Rican breakfasts, the typical mix of rice and beans, also known as “gallo pinto,” can now be served with a local flair that includes nutritious ingredients for those seeking to lead a healthier lifestyle with a little bit of spice. Adding a bit of spice is a great, sexy move!
The farm-to-table movement is about creating delicious meals from fresh, local ingredients grown through sustainable farming methods. The nutritional value of the classic mix of rice and beans has been rediscovered.

Meet and greet

Finally, back to the main reason for any travel and visit around the world – the local people. Costa Ricans, also known as Ticos, are a multiethnic Spanish-speaking nation in Central America. Ticos are a welcoming people and very hospitable. Families are often large and the people like to communicate with tourists. Next time, it´s up to you to meet and greet the locals.

Plenty of Attractions

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Read more about Costa Rica at the official tourism website

Make it Happen!

Touch Down: You are arriving to Juan Santamaria International Airport, 20km away from San Jose. Upon departure you have to pay exit tax 29 us-dollar before check-in.

Stay: Check-in to one of the many beautiful hotels offering spectacular amenities, which are available in and around the capital city of San Jose. Options include luxury resorts, cozy boutiques and ecological lodging choices.

Eat: Feed your soul with local fare. Visitors can find authentic, home-cooked style Costa Rican dishes at the Central Market (“Mercado Central”), the oldest and largest market in the city—offering more than 200 shops and stalls, as well as “sodas,’ which are inexpensive family-run restaurants.

Play: Favorites include restaurants and nightclubs that feature live music, impressive craft beer selections and delightful local and international cuisines. A great way to end the night is enjoying a delicious dinner at a mirador, a place with the view.

Mini Guide: Once a month, there is an Art City Tour, where visitors have free access to museums, galleries and art exhibits throughout the city. About Costa Rica: Situated between Nicaragua and Panama. Offers visitors an abundance of unique wildlife, landscapes and climates - meaning a trip to this Central American country is anything but run-of-the-mill. Sorry to burst your bubble but Costa Rica isn’t a very cheap country to visit. Don’t buy all your souvenirs at the airport. Avoid the area known as "La Perla," one of San Juan's most dangerous places. This is a slum area where a lot of drug trafficking takes place and one of the most dangerous places in Costa Rica.

Gudmund Lindbaek
Gudmund Lindbaek
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