The undisputed birthplace of rum – produced at Barbados in 1642

BARBADOS: The French will tell you to taste their wines, and similarly you cannot visit Barbados without experiencing the island´s variety of rum and tasty foods. The rum has grown over time to be an important part of the country´s culture, pride and industry.

Holidays can include more than just beautiful beaches and great outdoors. This island plays host to an array of annual events, from sports to music festivals and the much loved Carnival  during the harvest celebrations – known as Grand Kadooment.


National Festivals. In summer Barbados invites to live like a local and experience the island´s lively Crop Over Festival, celebrating 200 years-old tradition at the end of the sugar cane season. They celebrate with dusk to dawn parties, arts and markets and culinary street fares. Grand Kadooment Day celebrates the end of Crop Over with bands and dancing behind music trucks. As you will hear Bajans say: “Crop Over it sweet fuh days!”

Fishing. The Oistins Festival is an annual event that takes place every Easter weekend in the scenic fishing village of Oistins Barbados in the parish of Christ Church, on the south coast of the island. It is arguably the largest community festival with activities for the entire family!

Barbados is the undisputed birthplace of rum and produced here in 1642. Legend has it that when the sailors returned to England they offered gifts of rum from Barbados to prove they had indeed crossed the Atlantic.

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