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Saint Lucia is a Party and Music island – Listen up!

August is the Chocolate Heritage Month. Join plantation tours at Saint Lucia

SAINT LUCIA This island has become a mecca for music and entertainment in the Southern Caribbean. With annual events such as Saint Lucia Jazz and Art Festival and musical festivals throughout the year, this is the island for music lovers. Listen up on Saint Lucia!

Boats in St Lucia

Plenty of energy. Here people love to “fete”, which means fast soca music and plenty of energy at venues such as Gros Islet Friday Night street party. Saint Lucia is well known for jazz sons, but check out Skip Monday and Claudia Edward, who bring rock influence, and violinist Yannick James whose fiddling talent sweeps from local Creole standards to latest hits in his own way. Many resorts have live music featuring local shak-shak bands and talents.

Six Festivals. With a range of festivals from January to October every year, there´s more than enough to keep you entranced with Saint Lucia, also known as the “Helen of the West Indies”. Jazz is only one of six festivals that complete the island´s cultural and event program.
The Arts and Heritage Festival is honoring the island´s history, which boasts influence from Africa, Europe and India.

Many flavours. This island has plenty of culinary inspiration included more than two dozen varieties of mangoes hanging from trees. Plus excellent fresh fish and seafood available on a daily basis.
The Food and Rum Festival is a gastronomic event with a combination of dinners from invited chefs, lectures on rum and tastings of more than 40 rumns across the region.

Remember, August is the Chocolate Heritage Month. Join plantation tours, exclusive shocolate-inspired spa treatment and menus to celebrate the role cacao and chocolate have played in the history of St Lucia.

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Gudmund Lindbaek
Gudmund Lindbaek
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