South America´s smallest country, with rivers, jungles and ethnic diversity population

SURINAME: Located under the sphere of influence of the Amazon, Suriname has its own jazz festival since 2002. A country that boasts a rich culture, which comprises African, Asian and other interesting elements. The immense popularity of Jazz music has inspired the Suriname Jazz Festival to organize this yearly event.

Suriname is a unique country with a multitude of high graded cultural elements. The organizers of the Jazz Festival soon realized that the rich Surinamese culture in combination with jazz music would offer a unique musical blend to the world.

Festival. Suriname Jazz Festival takes stage in the Dutch-colonial capital Paramaribo. Lovers of jazz need to be in the country during October when the annual Jazz Festival takes place. Bringing together renowned jazz musicians from Suriname and abroad, the festival is a feast. Different kinds of Jazz can be enjoyed including American, African and Asian interpretations. This festival is usually a hit with all who attend and is well worth sticking around for.

About. It is South America´s smallest country, with rivers, jungles and a ethnic diversity population of escaped African slaves, Dutch and British colonialists.

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