Plan your Carnivals – Insider’s guide to important festivals, and events

CARIBBEAN: When we call up images of the Caribbean, most people will picture this area  with festivals and carnivals that are celebrated all over the islands at various times of the year. The best time to go to Caribbean destinations for a celebration is in fact all year round. The call of the calypso, the rhythm of the rumba, and the aromatic scent of the pepper-pots beckon, because you haven’t partied until you’ve partied Caribbean style.

Music Festivals. If you want to release your inner calypso dancer and kettle drummer, the best time to visit Caribbean destinations is during one of the many music festivals. While some are small, local events, others have gained international renown and attract high profile acts from all over the world. The two things they all have in common, however, are music and dance, the joyful and colorful signature of this part of the world.

Whether it’s rocking out to some reggae, chilling to jazz or wining to the inimitable sounds of the Soca beat, this melting pot of music and dance comes with rhythm from every corner of the beaches, bars and streets. Whatever your style, and wherever you choose, once experienced, the feeling will be with you forever.

Party Time. Carnival is a medieval festival that has its origins in Europe, but the Caribbean has embraced the celebration and taken it to heights unsurpassed anywhere in the world.

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