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Charming Ischia makes comeback with the worst-kept secret

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Romantic Holiday. Spa and free Thermal Springs. Historic. Vineyards. Olives. Hiking. Mount Epomeo. Luxury Honeymoon. Gardens. Beaches and rocky pools. Fishing towns. La Dolce Sosta.

Aragonese Castle is a medieval castle privately owned since 1912

ISCHIA, ITALY: King Goya makes a closer look at Ischia, the historic green splash and volcanic rock in the Gulf of Naples. Before I came here, it was a general understanding that this was about a visit to a not-yet discovered island. Quickly I realised how out of touch that was. The Greeks, for instance, showed up here in the eighth century BC. Then came German tourists for some healthy reasons raised to high therapeutic levels. Followed by some fame Hollywood stars until the buzz about charming Ischia was born.

After a couple of days, the worst kept secret was revealed. Fact is that Italians love to test the heathy thermal water and one million come here every year. Still lots of Germans, but no charter tourism and no cruise ships in sight. Conclusion, Ischia is not damaged by the tourist hordes.

Charming Ischia

A new time is now

For some years, international spotlight on Ischia has been switched off. Visiting Hollywood-stars such as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton are long gone. But Ischia still remains, admittedly under the celebrity radar. Until now, and in anticipation of a new era and more high profile tourism.

A short boat ride from Naples, tourists are still arriving the harbour of Ischia Porto and visit all the six main areas. Mostly during the summer months from June to end of August. However, people living at this historic island have a sense of life all year with or without tourists.

Salvatore Emiddio serving fish at his restaurant in Ischia Porto

Authenticity still here

Now it´s all about visiting a genuine destination. For romantic holiday, for thermal springs and spa treatments, indulging at a nice hotel, visit to a fishing town and order fresh seafood, hiking and meet up with some friendly locals. And then, relax away from the tourist hordes. It´s fair to say there is an authenticity to Ischia that is hard to find these days.

Reset body and soul

Soon I was forgiven by the locals for not having been to Ischia. Now I know this is home to over 100 thermal springs with countless healing properties making this a popular wellness destination. That, combines with sandy beaches and historic sites make Ischia a place to reset your mind, body and soul.

Negombo Thermal Gardens a water in Locco Ameno

La Dolce Sosta

Ischia used to be part of “La Dolce Vita”. Not any longer and not for years as Ischia has been under the celebrity and media radar. This old slogan entirely belongs to capital Rome on the mainland. In the light of a new era, it´s still possible to summarize the unique atmosphere. The mood and lifestyle here is “Piano, piano, piano”. Ischia of today in three words;  “La Dolce Sosta” – indicating a perfect stay. That´s not a secret any longer.

Here are some Facts about Ischia

Gudmund Lindbaek
Gudmund Lindbaek
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