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Facts about Ischia – or the new name Iskiah

Here are some important facts about Ischia. The green island with one old and a new name. The old Ischia and the new Iskiah.

facts about ischia
The fishing town of Sant`Angelo, Ischia

Key Facts about Ischia

Where: Located at the Bay of Naples, the northern end of the gulf of Naples in the region of Campania in Southern Italy.

Size: The largest of the Phlegrean Islands. It measures approximately 10 km (6 miles) east to west and 7 km (4 miles) north to south and has about 34 km (21 miles) of coastline and a surface area of 46.3 square kilometres.

Climate: Typical Mediterranean climate of long, hot summers and mild winters. The highest temperatures in July and August

By ferry: From Naples Capodichino airport head towards one of the maritime ports of Beverello or Porta di Massa from where you will cross by sea to Ischia via hydrofoil or ferry.

Local transport

Ischia by car: The easiest way to discover Ischia is by car. The island has good roads and a good road network. You can reach the main beaches and thermal parks, gardens and shopping streets, all important destinations and spots by car.
It’s simple to rent a car in Ischia. The nearest agency is near the bus station where ferry or hydrofoil arrives to Ischia Porto.
However, you might not need to hire a car in Ischia. The island is very well served by buses that run frequently and into the early hours.

Walking to the top: The quickest way to climb mount Epomeo, the highest top of Ischia, is from the village of Fontana located on the island’s southern flank. The route weaves up a paved road, diverts onto a track and finishes on a steep-ish path. Total distance: 2.5km. Visit a family-run restaurant, which offers refreshing drinks and Ischia’s specialty, roast rabbit.

facts about Ischia
Beach Spiaggia San Montano, Ischia

Beaches of Ischia

The beach Chiaia in Forio of Ischia is one of the biggest and comfortable on the island so it’s the most crowded. There is another beach in Forio, Cava dell’Isola,

Must see: Aragonese Castle: On a small atoll emerging from the Sea, very close to the coast, stands the Aragonese Castle of Ischia. The Castle in fact, is a fortress dug in the rocks,  was built by Alfonso V of Aragon in the middle of the 14th century

Thermal Garden

Poseidon is Ischia’s biggest therman garden. Taking the waters and soaking up the sun on Poseidon’s private beach is following a great tradition that stretches back over thousands of years of pleasure seekers. The park has twenty thermal spring-fed pools cover a terraced hillside.
Combine visiting some of the island’s best beaches with indulging in a spot of self-care at one of its natural spas.

facts about ischia
Spa treatment at Fonte Nitrodi

Negombo Thermal Park is set in a bay in Lacco Ameno. Here, a series of pools have been cut into the rocks, complete with steaming waterfalls and deep green caves and sculptures; and below it all, the most heavenly beach in Ischia, with an excellent restaurant for long, life-affirming lunches with your toes dipped in the sand.

Natural Thermal Baths

Forio: Go to Panza, hamlet of Forio, where you’ll find the Bay of Sorgeto. The place to relax in natural thermal baths, totally free. Springs flow from subsoil reaching high temperature up to 90°C. Blending with sea water, it creates tanks of hot and cold water.

Romantic places

Sant`Angelo: Visit the picturesque Borgo Sant’Angelo. It is one of the most romantic places of Ischia, populated mostly by fishermen. Take a walk and you will see the  benches decorated with coloured tiles.


Ischia Porto has a lot of restaurant, pubs, bars and discos, especially in Via Roma and Corso Vittoria Colonna, where to take an enjoyable walk.

On the road: The inland road takes you through delightful rustic villages, unchanged for decades. Beside the road, bougainvillea in every shade of pink grows in abundance, and jasmine, its heady sweetness staying with you long after you have left.

More facts about Ischia to come…

Ischia a cool Playground: SPA AND NATURAL VIAGRA

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