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Correct Dry Martini Cocktail – Shaken or Stirred?

James Bond Wrong

Gin or Vodka Martini…? Whatever you choose, Dry Martini is going to taste different

DRY MARTINI COCKTAIL. After French Champagne, the Dry Martini Cocktail, or Vodka Martini, is the drink most often consumed by Bond. James Bond. According to Cocktail Experts, Mr Bond´s favourite method for making a martini is incorrect.

Depending who you ask, the correct method for making the perfect Dry Martini differ greatly. But, according to experts at Grey Goose vodka, there is just one way to make a martini – and it opposes everything James Bond acclaims.


Cellar master Francois Thibault teach us how to make Dry Martini
Cellar master Francois Thibault teach us how to make Dry Martini

Stirred not Shaken

Grey Goose is produced in France as a luxury vodka by cognac producer and Cellar Master Francois Thibault. Rather than relying on the cliché “shaken not stirred” technique, Thibault revealed to Business Insider that the cocktail must be stirred – not shaken!

Thibault says you should always have your martini stirred. This is because when you shake your martini you also break up the ice in the mixer, which thereby dilutes the mixture much more than stirring.
“On the palate, we feel this dilution remarkably. There’s also a lot of oxygen that enters the spirit while shaken,” Thibault says.

Made of Grey Goose vodka
Made of Grey Goose vodka

Make it properly

Thibault teach us how to do it properly.
“There’s also a lot of oxygen that enters the spirit while shaken. If you want your martini to stay as fluid and silky as possible without too much dilution and not too much contact with oxygen”, Thibault says. He recommends 20 seconds of stirring — no more. Finish with a twist of lemon zest – just make sure you remove the white pith, which tastes very bitter.

Vodka Martini Recipe

This is how to make Vodka Martini, and it’s not the way James Bond told you.
Vodka Martini Ingredients
50ml Grey Goose vodka
10ml Chilled Noilly Prat dry vermouth
Dash of orange bitters
Lemon zest to garnish
Add vodka and vermouth to a mixing glass filled with ice.
Stir deliberately and strain into a chilled martini glass.

Gin vs Vodka; Your choice

Should I choose Vodka or Gin in my Dry Martini? With a gin-based Martini one must be careful of letting ice melt too much – as it can ruin the drink and destroy all traces of the botanicals in the gin. As for the perfect martini garnish, Thibault recommends a twist of lemon zest, while gin drinkers can opt for lemon, mint, lime, or ginger.

Whatever you choose, Dry Martini is going to taste different. Gin offers a complex, botanic flavour while vodka martini gives a smoother, more modern taste. It really comes down to personal choice.

This is Dirty Martini

I´ve always wonder what makes a Martini dirty..? The classic martini, which contains gin and dry vermouth, is very clean, dry, and aromatic. A Dirty Martini contains a splash of olive juice. While it may not sound appealing, a dirty martini is actually a flavorful variation on the traditional cocktail, and it doesn’t involve dirt at all. You can do the same to a Vodka Martini.

Try this Dry Martini bar in Barcelona
Try this Dry Martini bar in Barcelona

The Cocktail of Style

The Martini cocktail also tells about a person´s personality as a signature drink for men of style and class. For most perfectionists, the drink is made up of gin and vermouth, and nothing more, except olives. Olives soak up some of the gin and vermouth, giving them a unique aftertaste.

However, its more to this classic cocktail than we know. No one knows exactly the origin of the Martini cocktail. A story holds that the drink evolved from the Occidental Hotel in San Francisco in the early 1860s.

Thanks to James Bond

One thing for sure,  a perfect Dry Martini should be served in v-shaped and proper Martini glass. We all know what James Bond did for the popularity, despite mention martini only once in the Bond-books. He made the cocktail popular world-wide, even the saying “Shaken, not stirred”

Even Ernest Hemingway brought up Martini in his novel “Farewell to Arms”; “I never go jogging, it makes me spill my Martini”.
Almost certainly, this one makes you even more shaken: “One martini is all right. Two are too many, and three are not enough”.


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