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Cycling Northern Norway; Advice from a World Champ

“Lofoten is a great, but actually gets better from seat of a bike”

NORWAY: In the Northern Norway they provide bicycle tours designed for people wanting to bike on their own, without a guide. You will be given information about the landscape, road conditions and overnight accommodation. It is packed and ready to go.

Thor Hushovd, left, with the organisers of Arctic Race of Norway

An increasing number of tourists want to experience Northern Norway from the bicycle seat. Sales of bicycle packages have grown considerably in this part of the country. Destination Helgeland, one of the most visited regions in Northern Norway, reports a rise in rental.

Also in well-known destinations such as Lofoten, Senja and Tromsø reports confirm that bicycle rental for tourists has become increasingly popular.
“People want to combine cycling holidays with hiking in the mountains, kayaking and other outdoor activities”, says Lena Nøstdahl.

Ambassador Thor Hushovd

Bike holiday tips. Thor Hushovd, ambassador to the Arctic Race of Norway and former world champion. He mentions three bicycle destinations as his favourites.
Lofoten. “As everyone knows, Lofoten is a great destination in the first place, but it actually gets better from seat of a bike. You get closer to nature, mountains and fishing villages, and really get to feel the fresh arctic air”, says Hushovd.

northern norway
Arctic Race of Norway

The fjord of Lyngen

Lyngen. “Lyngen is very spectacular, and one of the best mountain biking areas in Norway. In Skibotn there are many good trails where you can challenge yourself on the mountain bike. There are bicycle paths in the Lyngen fjord that rise up to 1,000 meters above sea level, and the view on the top is unbeatable”, says the former World Champion.

Island hopping. “The Helgeland coast is well suited for families, and island exploring is well suited for cycling tourists. Here you can go on day trips on the islands or ride a longer round-trip. The Nesna islands have beautiful scenery and good hiking opportunities, or you can ride along famous landmarks such as the Seven Sisters mountain range”, Hushovd says.

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Gudmund Lindbaek
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