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New Trend; BasisBall is rolling over Europe

Each exercise customized in difficulty, pace and intensity

COSTA DEL SOL: On a sunny beach, in southern coast of Spain; two extremely fit women exercise with a moderate sized ball – performing an activity at a pace so high that it takes the breath away from tourists relaxing on sun loungers and the sandy beach. I like to mention that the heath has moved above +30. The two appears to be Silje from Norway and Susanna from Finland, introducing BasisBall in yet another European country.
Basis Ball is a new, Norwegian exercise training concept in basic training, and developed by a number of sports and exercise professionals.

This is Basis Ball. This is functional training with  focus on versatile exercise influence – using basis ball, or a medisineball with two handles and a weight from 3-12kg. Functional movements are a key word in our concept. The training is effective and motivating, tailor made with music, but no choreography. A specific selection of exercises, where you get a full body workout and with different training focus. Movement patterns with a major focus on endured muscle strength, stability, mobility and explosiveness is centrally. Each exercise customized in terms of difficulty, pace and intensity.

Silje, left and Susanna training on the beach

“BasisBall will appeal a wider audience, from large groups, small groups and one to one. In fitness studio, in PT setting, on the sport field, in school, parks and so on. Once you have tried this, you’ll want more, regardless of age, shape or size, fit or not so fit”, Silje Blindheim says. Silje of Norway is Master Trainer and Founder of BasisBall.

You can find BasisBall around Europe, in Gyms, schools, sports teams, it is spread from Svalbard in the north to the Costa del Sol to the south. At Costa del Sol you can practice with Susanna at Epic Gym in Benalmadena.

Training tips on Costa del Sol: Testing the modern Epic Gym


Gudmund Lindbaek
Gudmund Lindbaek
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