Fifteen food stalls and the real deal at reasonable prices

NORTH LONDON: You might arrive in more of a European mood, but feel you have been around the world after having a lunch of Yam from Nigeria or Empanadas from Colombia.

Nag´s Head Market next to Holloway Road in North London is part of a lively shopping and entertainment area, and home to Arsenal football club. Here you can enjoy real food from several countries around the world, food from Lebanon, America, Italia, the Caribbean islands, India, Africa, Japan, Vietnam, China and specialities from South America. Indulge yourself with original and homemade food, and a main course will only set you back 5-7 pounds.

Pasta. “Mauro serves homemade pasta and I have my lunch here more or less every day”, a young Italian man told. He is working in the area and has lunch break at the tiny stall with the not so Italian name “Vegan Yes”. Chef Mauro de Luca opened his stall in 2016 and provides take-away service. Mauro and his Korean wife also serves vegan dishes, including Lasagne Kimchi, a fusion of Italian and South Korean food.

French bread. Norwegian Helene Farstad realised how difficult it was to obtain good bread, but after searching she found a bakery who delivers French sourdough bread she offer along pastries and fresh made coffee from the very early morning.

More food stalls. For shopping there are more at Nag´s Head Market: Fish, Butcher, fruit and vegetables, Barbers, clothes, shoes, fake jewellery, gifts and beauty shops.
“Our new profile is to provide food stalls with original food from more countries. This is the place for young entrepreneurs to enter into the business without too high costs – and the food on offer should be at reasonable prices”, Manpreet Singh says. He is Market Manager at Nags Head Market and expect more stalls to open in the near future.

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Visit Nags Head Market
Holloway, North London, N7 6AG
Open from 7am


  1. Great article!
    I have tried the Lasagne Kimchi from “Vegan Yes” and it is excellent.
    Your description of Nag’s Head Market is spot-on!


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