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FINLAND: Midnight sun and Northern Lights. Endless of forest, lakes, hot saunas and cold winters. Ski resorts, Finnish design and the real Santa Claus. This is Finland. In 2017 the Finns celebrate 100 years of independent. And trust me, they will celebrate. The people of Finland are extremely good in celebrating. Where ever you meet people from Finland, remember to greet with “Hyvää juhla”.
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Four seasons. Finish winter last half the year, north in Finish Lapland from November to April, but Finns has plenty of activities to fill the time. Yes, the winter is cold, but that´s no reason to stay indoors. Spring is time of rebirth and celebration and May 1st is not the day Finns are sober. Summer is my favorite and a spectacular time of the year. In Lapland a summer day last for almost two months, and in the southern parts it is never dark either. Getting out of a nightclub in the north at 3 a.m. can be a bit confusing.

Important steps. In Northern Finland the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, shine every other clear and starry night between October and March. Rovaniemi is the capital of Finish Lapland and the hometown of Santa Claus.
Even if summer is the best time to visit Finland, don´t be afraid of head north in the winter. It´s an experience and all about how you are dressed. Here are four steps to have fun in the cold weather.
Start with thermal underwear and warm socks. If it´s really cold, minus 20 or below, wear fleece layer on top of your thermals. Another pair of woolly socks will keep your feet warm. Wear pants with thermal lining and neck warmer or a scarf. Slip into your winter boots. Wear winter jacket, a warm hat and thermal gloves.

Sauna. If you want to understand Finland and its people, getting familiar with the sauna is a good starting point. Sauna is such a big part of Finnish culture it can´t be compared to anything else. The Allas Sea Pool in Helsinki is a spa complex inspired by the historic spa heritage. The Löylö Design Sauna is a modern complex, with a restaurant serving Finnish cuisine. The wooden building is an attraction on its own.

The place to dream. In the rush and crush of modern time, we are searching space, quite and time. Space to breath, time to dream. In Finland you can find silence and peace, this is a country where the lakes are many and people are few. Here extreme relaxation is a handful of pure nature, a pinch of Finnish sauna, a spoonful of traditional treatments, served with wild food.

Weekend. Finns might seem to be a bit quiet, but meet them in a bar a weekend night and you will discover a whole new dimension to the people. The locals love to party and nights in central Helsinki is where it´s most evident. From rock shows to classy cocktail lounges, the capital caters for all preferences.

Local food. The food scene in Helsinki is a variation from pop-up restaurants to a street food festival. Finish food itself is all about local, seasonal with game, fish, mushrooms and berries as well as culinary cultures and tastes of the globe. An example of creativity is Finland´s Restaurant Day, when everyone can set up a restaurant, anywhere – and means ordinary people play chefs and wine-experts for a change.

Celebrations. There will be no lack of cultural happenings and events across Finland during the celebrations. The theme for 100 years of Independence is “Together”. 2017 is the year to explore all on offer – from hot sauna culture to the wild and cold nature that is always close by.

Grand opening. Finland’s centenary of independence celebrations kicks off on New Year’s Eve. The main event is in Helsinki, at the Töölönlahti Bay and Kansalaistori Square. The opening party will reach its climax at midnight with a great firework show.

Finland’s independence jubilee year opening party starts at midday December 31st and most of the events are free of charge. The main theme will draw up a lively programme covering the whole of 2017, but local themes are going to be as diverse as Finland and the Finns.


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