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Epic Gym Benalmadena – Work Out at Costa del Fitness

Epic Gym, Benalmadena
Choose Gym: Make sure to choose a Gym perfect for you, where you feel comfortable. From the moment I walked in to Epic Gym in Benalmadena, I felt a spot-on energy and positive experience.

“Be sensible and keep active. Every day is not a holiday”, said a tourist sweating at Epic Gym

BENALMÁDENA, SOUTH of SPAIN: Hands up, if you plan to continue your life as a fitter and leaner version of yourself. It´s never too late to jump on the wagon and join a gym for a fit holiday and fitter for life. Luckily, we are spoilt for choice, even on a Spanish holiday. On the touristic coast of Costa del Sol, Epic Gym serves the up-to-date fitness trends. It´s just knowing where to look for a healthy holiday – at the seaside town of Banalmadena. But you have to work out.

Silje, Fernando, Alberto and Susanna all training at Epic Gym in Benalmadena

Running, spinning, Zumba, outdoor Epic Cross and boxing for kids, this is just a taste of all the entertaining way of training at #EpicGym Whatever you chose, an hour session burns up to 600 calories.

We need a Reminder: Work out

Epic lifestyle. The international and former Las Palmas and Numancia-footballer Andre S. Lindbaek, General Manager at Epic Gym, says: “We are not only a gym, Epic is a lifestyle  Here you work out, eat healthy food and get massage, physiotherapy or dance salsa. Epic appeals to anybody with health and fitness goals. We are the one stop for a more healthy holiday”

Epic Gym Benalmadena
Epic Gym in Benalmadena, Costa del Sol

Fitness vacation

In real life daily intensive fitness training would be the opposite of a vacation, but my break was very far from real life, it was an introduction into fun fitness.

I rise from my king-sized bed, look at white beach, cycle through palm trees to Epic beachside gym, where my personal trainer awaits. Warm up on the treadmill for my half-hour session while looking out at tourists heading for the beach. Then ten minutes of boxing before lifts and pushing on the new equipment, drink a cold-pressed juice and ending my session by stretches and twists. But holiday is more than work-out. Sure, here we help learning about the town Benalmadena on the sunny coast

Cocktail at sunset

Then, after a hearty, healthy, breakfast at Epic Lounge, my day continue with relaxing swing in a hammock on the beach and a dip into the warm sea, before another training session continue late afternoon with half an hour of triceps and some restorative yoga. And, at the end, sip a cocktail on Epic´s terrace while watching the sunset. No, I am not making this up. And if I were, it probably wouldn’t be this good to describe a fitness and healthy holiday.

Epic Gym Benalmadena
When in Spain Mark Ward is a regular at Epic Gym in Benalmadena

Result: Mark lost 13 kilo

Lost 13 kilo. Retired from business, Mark Ward is a regular at Costa del Sol for holiday and fitness camp, tailor-made by Epic Gym´s trainer Alex Garcia. His programmes generally include two hours of fitness a day.

In less than one-year Mark, at age 56, lost 13 kilos thanks to his fitness training in London and Spain: “The point of training is not just to improve fitness but general health. I was one of those saying I will train on holiday but never did. After losing friends at relatively young age I decided to do something with my life, and at Epic everything changed. Here the staff is so friendly and helpful.”

Epic Gym Benalmadena
Mark Ward from London lives a healthy life and trains at Epic Gym

Advice. Mark´s food regime changed from fast-food and pints of beer to no potato, no bread, rice or pasta and Sunday Roast without roasted potato. Now he is moderate with drinks. This is his best advice.

“After retirement, be sensible and keep active. Every day is not a holiday. I feel happy, content, well-nourished and on my way to become fit. There’s no point being toned and miserable,” Mark from London underline.

Lucas and Emit training at Epic Gym

Lot of fun. To evaluate my own levels of fitness and happiness before leaving Epic Gym, my all-round wellbeing had improved in only two weeks and I dropped a few kilos. But most of all, the new lifestyle was a lot of fun.

Review Epic Gym

Address: Benalmadena, Costa del Sol, Spain
Choose Gym: Make sure to choose a Gym perfect for you, where you feel comfortable. From the moment I walked in to Epic Gym, I felt a spot-on energy and good experience.

Facilities: As part of this review, I tested alternatives in Benalmadena, and Epic Gym is by far the best. This new gym has high quality equipment making work out a pleasure.
Location: Next to the seaside of Benalmadena, offering easy way to park my car.
Machines: Epic provides a good mix of machines, all from one company selling high quality training equipment to improve your mobility, strength, balance, coordination and flexibility in a fun, social and welcoming environment.
Training: Build new muscle mass and strip away belly fat and get a lean, hard physique by training from Spinning to Pump, Cross Fit, Zumba to Kids Classes and Personal trainer.
Get all the information: Epic Gym Benalmadena
Hi, don´t forget some Travel Advice

Make it Happen!

Touch Down: Pre-book your Day & Weekend Pass at Epic Gym in BenalmaEpic Gym offers: Yoga, Spinning, Kids Classes, K1 Boxing, Zumba, Epic Pump, Pilates, Salsa/Bachata, Epic Cross outdoor, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Massage, Nutrition and Personal trainer.

Stay: Hotel Mac Puerto Marina has an amazing location and one of the best hotels in Benalmadena.

Eat: The cuisine is wide and varied with restaurants offering food typical of the area, with lots of seafood. There are a great number of tapas bars. Some traditional bars will often give you a small amount of tapas for free with a caña (small beer).

Play: For a chilled evening, there's always the table-for-two option at the quayside restaurants. In the weekends Puerto Marina is the best place to squeeze every last drop of the weekends. This is where Romeos in the know take their Juliets.

Mini Guide: The Buddhist Enlightenment Stupa has its residence in Benalmadena Pueblo; it is the largest Stupa in the Western world standing 33 metres tall and is a point of interest for Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike. Climate: Benalmadena enjoys hot summers and warm winters. Cooling breezes from the sea make the summer heat manageable, temperatures are an average of 32 ºC in summer. Tivoli World: Opposite the cable car station you will find Tivoli World, a theme park of many leisure activities.

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Philip A. Nortvedt
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