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Excellent Urban River Walk by the Thames

Many ask for nice places to walk near me in Central London. Here is our tested Guide for river walk

RIVER WALKS NEAR ME: Staying in Central London, you are never far away from River Thames.  Part of the river runs through the heart of London and takes in all sorts of spectacular sites. A river walk is one of the best routes to escape and appreciate Britain’s capital city. Actually, of many declared to be among the finest urban walks on Earth.

River walk in Central London - day and night and on both side of the banks
River walk in Central London – day and night and on both side of the banks

Thames Path – basically everywhere

Enjoy river walk on both the north and south banks of the Thames – from the lost floodplains of Richmond, to the Dickensian stretches of the eastern marshes. Looking for places to walk, you won’t be short of sights, either: Tower Bridge, Hampton Court Palace, Albert Bridge, The Royal Docks, Battersea Park and Kew Gardens are just some of the showstoppers you will set your eyes on when walking along the Thames Path. Of course, you could follow the Thames Path for 184 miles (294km) all the way out to the Cotswolds, but you’d have to be pretty mad.
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River Walk South Bank: Tate Modern to Jubilee Gardens

The new river walk: Imperial War Museum, Lake Street, also known as “Banksy Tunnel”, and dark cranes on the skyline into the silhouetted cityscape. These moments await you when walking South Bank from Tate Modern to Jubilee Gardens. South Bank at sunset is something magical, when the dramatic architecture of Westminster lit up and the views of Tower Bridge.

Walking South Bank  when the city quietens down and night falls is an extra attraction. Passing by some of the Victorian lamp-posts glowing above the Thames and the National Theatre. This is the place and time to appreciate the beauty without the pain of commuters and tourists. Jubilee Gardens is a park to relax and take in the riverside views, located at the foot of London Eye.

Jubilee Gardens is a park to relax next to London Eye
Jubilee Gardens is a park to relax next to London Eye

Riverside Walk: Blackfriars – Tower of London

As the City opens up its river path we explore the lesser known North Bank of the Thames between Blackfriars and the Tower of London with fabulous views of the landmarks of Bankside. On the City side a church that inspired an American poet, a famous school for boys with many notable former pupils, a hidden monument to Shakespeare, an old fish market, a Livery Hall and a new mosaic at an ancient landing place.

Thames Path: Hampton Court to Albert Bridge

The Hampton Court to Albert Bridge walk is 23 miles long, and one of the most loved sections of the Thames Path National Trail. We suggest to start from the architecture wonder of Hampton Court and start walking in direction the spectacular Albert Bridge. The renaissance gardens at Hampton, which Henry VIII made here in the 1530s, was converted to baroque style between 1660 and 1702. Today perfectly designed as nature at its most cultivated.

Albert Bridge over the River Thames connecting Chelsea in Central London on the north to Battersea on the south. The bridge was built in the 1870s in memory of Prince Albert. Pick up a map, decide where you want your walk to start and end and what you want to include.

Part of the river Thames Path
Part of the river Thames Path

Richmond Park & Wimbledon

This one is a little closer to home, beginning just a short journey away from our Kingston residences in Richmond Park! Richmond Park is wide open expanse of meadows and woodland rich in fauna and full of wildlife. You may even be able to spot the herd of deer that live there! In contrast, Wimbledon Common is a dark, ancient wood like something out of a grim fairytale.

Day and Night Walk

Big night out: Walking the path through City of London means shorter walks and enjoying sight of the most picturesque views. A self-guided River Thames Walk will take you along the river, taking you to historic sights and beautiful skyscapes. Such a walk can be done both at night and in the day time.

Riverside Pub Walks

Explore both sides of the river east of the Tower of London, and stop for as many pints you want as part of the journey. A general route starts at Rotherhithe station visiting Mayflower Pub, Brunel Engine House and the Angel pub. Then the Overground from Rotherhithe to Wapping station visiting Prospect of Whitby pub, Town of Ramsgate pub, Dickens Inn and ends at St Katharine Docks. This pub walk is a leisure stroll through London´s Docklands, with an emphasis on historical and unique pubs. A great short walk for a weekend, and plenty of places to eat and drink along the way.

Dancing girls at an old and historic pub
Dancing girls at an old and historic pub

The River Thames Path

The Thames Path follows the River Thames from its source high up in the Cotswold Hills eastwards down to the London and the sea. This long distance walking trail through several rural counties into the heart of London. On its way the Path passes peaceful waters rich in wildlife, towns and cities and lovely villages. Finishing at the Thames Barrier in Woolwich a few miles from the sea. Walkers say this path is probably one of the best National Trails in Britain. Sixty miles of the trail run through London, on both the north and south bank of the capital´s famous waterway.

Kew bridge by the river Thames
Kew bridge by the river Thames

Left og Right Side

What side of path should you walk on? Let´s solve this problem by a local rule: If there is no footway or footpath, walk on the right-hand side of the road so you can see oncoming traffic. You should take extra care and: be prepared to walk in single file, especially on narrow roads or in poor light. keep close to the side of the road.

River Walk with Personal Touch

Walks in London often require the personal touch and we recommend Diane Burstein. She has the in-dept insider knowledge and is a highly qualified Guide. Diane is Historian and Author, and in charge of Secret London Walking Tours.

Whether your interest – Theatrical London, Literary, Undiscover and Secret London, Royal London, Local history, Multicultural London, Artistic London and many more subjects.  You will find walks to suit everyone – included Riverside walks with a personal touch.




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