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Expo Hotel Valencia makes a great starting point

Drinks & Cocktails
Pool & Spa

Hotel Expo will have you in a good morning mood for a day’s worth of adventures

VALENCIA: In Spain’s third largest city, location is everything. Yet, Expo Hotel proves that the centre of things is not always the best of things. We checked into Expo’s modern facilities for a comfortable stay a short walk from Valencia’s finest attractions.

Next to everything

Located along the inland curve of the Turia Gardens, Expo Hotel Valencia provides a great starting point for a number of treks and tours. If the garden – once the Turia river which has long dried out only to provide the Valencia’s with state-of-the-art sporting facilities and seemingly endless promenades – doesn’t quite fill your quota of holiday fun, a quick 10-minute walk will see you enter the massive gates of the old town and its array of bars, restaurants and breath-taking architectural works. In the opposite direction, a similar walk will lead you to Bioparc – a unique open-structure zoo of over 10 hectars, quartering more than 3000 animals.

Expo Hotel Valencia

Though our experience with the Expo Hotel reception area staff was initially poor – our reservation had not been registered correctly, something which was mainly outlined as our own fault – a smiling and very helpful breakfast and housekeeping staff did their best to make up for their colleagues’ lacking effort.

Good morning and the breakfast

A full breakfast buffet is served from 7-10am every morning, offering bountiful selections of everything your heart might desire. Far beyond the meagre continental-style morning meals southern Europe is famed for, Hotel Expo will have you in a good morning mood for a day’s worth of adventures.

The rooftop. Want to spend a day kicking back? No problem. The rooftop swimming pool with an accompanying gourmet food area will keep you busy doing little more than relax. Tan under the Valencian sun and let the skilled bartenders mix you an Aqua Valenciana when the sun sets. A perfect end to a day on top of the world, before a night in tranquil, modern room facilities will have you ready for tomorrow.

Poor connection. However, it might be valuable to keep in mind that lacking in-room safe options and a sometimes faltering Wi-Fi connection makes the hotel more ideal for a leisure stay than one primarily intended for business.

Category: 3 stars, convenience, leisure
Location: Metropolitan but not central. All major attractions within walking distance, but taxi or public transport required to visit the beach.
Rooms: Clean and tranquil with daily housekeeping schedule. Free and working Wi-Fi. No minibar or in-room safe.
Food: Fresh and varied breakfast buffet. ‘Piano’ bar by entrance to the hotel.
Drinks: Drinks at rooftop bar, La Terrazza, are well-made and accompanied by a great view of the whole city.
Pool & Spa: Rooftop pool with guard. Free reclining sun chairs.
We like: The comfortable rooftop scene with a pool and relaxed but classy bar adding a special touch to our stay at Expo Hotel Valencia
We don’t like: The less-than-helpful reception staff. A real potential for improvement here.
Value: Great value from around 40 Euros for a double standard room per night. Many offers and discounts available around the year.

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