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Follow the smell of Santos Dark – to Camden Coffee Shop

Meet George at his working place unchanged for four decades

CAMDEN TOWN, NORTH LONDON: For any caffeine fanatic, or simply one who loves coffee, stepping inside this tiny shop is a moment of reality and authenticity in a world of restyled shops and cafes. Old machines, original tiling and plastic trays of coffee beans, makes Camden Coffee Shop like a museum. With great aroma in the air – even outside and all along Delancey Street.

London coffee shop
We are a nation of coffee drinkers, and George Constantinou is not complaining

Oasis of roasting

Between machines, weights, a burning place for beans and sacks stacked flat, you´ll meet George Constinantou among an oasis of roasting and grinding. He took over this business from his uncle in May 1979 and never looked back.

“I still try to make the best coffee, it´s not so much about secret as repetition of work”, George says in his tiny shop with space for just 4-5 persons at a time. This is his working place unchanged for four decades.

Camden Coffee shop
George’s shop is recognised internationally for last-of-itskind charm. You won’t see anything else like this now.

Watch and smell coffee

George offer a small range of seven coffees at a time – such as Santos Light and Santos Dark from Brazil, Continental Blend, Costa Rica and Mountain Blend. Unfussy names and grounded coffee, you can watch it pouring out and get a wonderful smell included in the price.
George not only serve Londoners, but coffee lovers from all of Europe drop in to buy coffee.

Burning coffee beans. Only one blend is secret

camden coffee shop
Wearing a blue overall, George has the appearance of a master craftsman

From tea to coffee

Historicly, the English people use to drink tea and when George grew up only foreigners drank coffee. Now this is a nation of coffee drinkers. But hardly non make coffee like George. His coffee-roaster is nearly 100 years and another machine is from 1960s. Beans roasted from its core and spun like a washing machine, shedding their pod as they turn brown

George works the old fashion way, this is part of his commitment to preserve the past. “I might buy a new roasting machine one day but I like the history of the old one”, he says. The unique coffee shop in Camden has given him a great career – most of his life George has been his own boss.

The secret mix

Although George has no plans to retire, “The Coffeeman” in Camden is not certain the shop will continue the day his blue overall is hung up on the wall. None of his three children is likely to burn coffee. It is expected that a whole army of coffee fans will fight to ensure the shop´s survival. When that day turn up, don´t forget to ask George for the secret mix of Mountain Blend coffee.
Find Camden Coffee Shop at 11 Delancey Street NW1. Camden Town.

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