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Hungry for Art; Dinner with Munch and Warhol

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Proud of works by Andy Warhol and Edvard Munch

MOSS, NORWAY: With more than 400 pieces of Nordic contemporary art by more than 90 different artists, Refsnes Gods is a real Art Hotel. On the walls, one of the largest private-owned art collections in Norway. Among these, the hotel owners are particularly proud of works by Andy Warhol and Edvard Munch, two of the world’s most famous artists.

Dinner with Munch and Warhol is a real deal, surrounded by original works and view to a well kept garden and the fjord. Famous Munch lived and worked at Jeløya, part of the city of Moss, in years 1913 – 1916. You can watch one of the artworks from these years, while enjoying Asparagus salad with spiced chevre.

The history

“With great degree of certainty we know some of the food Munch preferred. He lived in the neighbourhood and was a true European who travelled and visited cities such as Paris and Berlin”, Gunn Salbuvik explains. For nearly 250 years, hospitality has been held in high regard at this manor with such a fascinating history. One thing I love about this place is that the dining space feels original. For obvious reasons this is a sensation even harder to find.

Where: Refsnes Gods, small hotel with a restaurant at Jeløy in Moss, Norway.

The Setting: Idyllic surroundings and historic setting by the fjord, just 45 minutes by car or train from Oslo.

Best for: Romantic dinner, Art lovers, Celebrations, Wedding party and the warmest welcome in Norway.


The food and history

The menu is based on Norwegian food history. The soup is still a common starter, preferably a French version of seafood soup. In Norway fish will always be an important part of a menu along with local food such as the pan roasted Guinea fowl. Eight years ago the American Chef Patrick O’Tool didn’t even know where Norway was on the map, but after eight years in this country this adventures chef creates outstanding gourmet meals of seasonal ingredients and local specialities, while you watch original works of art by Munch even on the plate.

Service: The waiting staff is so friendly you want to wrap them up and take them home with you.

Speciality: Book a tour of the award winning wine cellar with more than 7,000 bottles from around the world, offers a unique atmosphere for wine tastings.

The arty rooms

Only 61 rooms, but all are decorated with original artworks mostly by artists from the region. Every room has its own character. In addition you can enjoy arts in all public areas, including two by Andy Warhol. The four suites have been designed around the original artwork of Hakon Bleken, Frans Wiederberg, Jacob Weidemann and Therese Nortvedt. In the bar we are surrounded by Lisa Malinowsky’s colourful paintings inspired by the movie about Queen Victoria’s life.

This house is a bright castle perfect for holiday and romance, where old and new age has entered into a happy alliance comfortable for both parties. Visiting Refsnes Gods is like being on a nostalgic luxury journey.

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