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I want to Leave – What Country should I move to…?

For women, Pakistan is one of the worst countries in the world!

MOVE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY: Popular destinations for expatriates often include countries like Canada, Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, among others. Before you start making plans to move to a new country, find out how easy it will be to live there. About the climate, culture, jobs, cost of living and safety. And meet the locals and make a test how easy to learn a new language. Simply get the answers: What country should I move to?

Go to Pakistan: You will come back in a week running. For women, Pakistan is one of the worst countries in the world. Watch up by threat of terrorism, kidnap, violence, and westerners may be directly targeted.

Cadiz is a small but attractive city
Cadiz is a small but attractive city

Living in Spain: The siesta culture made me move to south of Spain with 320 days of sunshine a year. Cost of living is still among the lowest in Europe. But Spain´s bureaucracy can scare any from not moving here.
As a friend said: Spanish bureaucracy is the art of making the simple complicated.”

Marriage in Okinawa - get old in Japan
Marriage in Okinawa – get old in Japan

Get old in Japan

Living long in Japan: Too expensive for living. You cannot even afford to go to a hair-dresser. Well, latest news from Japan turns out to be not nearly as expensive as expected.
One reason for moving to Japan is to learn about the country’s life expectancy. They eat healthy, train physically and keep getting older. New number of Japanese aged 90 reached 2,4 million, including over 71,000 centennials. How is that possible? I will visit Japan to find secrets about the healthy Japanese lifestyle.

Go to USA: There are many reasons you may want to immigrate to the United States. Simply because you are seeking to live out the “American Dream”. There must be many reasons why 80 million tourists heading there every year. This is the country of liberty, hope and opportunity, where success can be achieved regardless of where you´ve come from. If you decide to stay, you shall remember your Indian family doctor every day.

Go to Singapore: It takes five years to learn the rules.

Countries in Europe

Moving abroad in Europe: You feel Indian troublemakers are far better than the immigrants from Africa and the Middle East. Then chose Greece, Sweden and Germany to live close to immigrants.

Go to France: This could be an attractive destination, but you need to speak French. Just a few of us speak French. People talk about romantic Paris, but I think that statement is quite overrated. Then you have the ongoing civil instability all over the country.

If you expect the French to smile, hold the door for you and speak to you in English, France may not be for you.

HIGH COST: Food with a view in the north of Norway. But the food is expensive.
HIGH COST: Food with a view in the north of Norway. But the food is expensive.

Live in Scandinavia

Go to Scandinavian countries: You shall feel sorrow about the climate and all the immigrants doing more or less nothing. Tax-payers are not happy to take the bill.

Go to Finland..? No, for two reasons: You have to be seriously badass to want to live in Finland with long and cold winter. Secondly, the Finnish language is not possible to learn.
If you go there, first lesson in Finnish is “Sisu” described as stoic determination, bravery, and hardiness to express their national character.

Go to Norway? Not really! The cost of living in Norway is extremely high, likely the most expensive country in the world. Norway is rich, but more and more Norwegians are poor. The winter is long and cold, and population in the south are famous for not smiling. No-go to Norway, except if you are immigrant from Africa and Middle East, then you don´t need to work in your life. The Norwegian governments splash out money to all immigrants.

Go to Sweden? The previous socialist government invited too many immigrants to Sweden, and that means double trouble between Muslims and the Swedish people.

Few Swedes practice a religion but just as few are actual atheists. They are not very religious, and the saying is that “a swede only goes to church three times and is carried there two of them”, when baptized and buried.

Try Middle East? The main problem refers to the conflict between the Arab States and Israel. This power struggles have lasted for over half a century. Don´t even try Middle East as a tourist.

Why not India? One of the top reasons living in India is the money. The cost of living remains very low by Western standards, and India is unlike any country.
India is not going to progress at faster rate. We have seen the rulings of Congress parivar, Janata parivar and Sangha parivar in the last 75 years.
Foreigners moving to India settle in the country quite easily, many of them feel at home in less than a year.

Countries with quality of life

 Go to Portugal: Yes and no. Portugal could be a great choice with lower cost of living compared to many European countries. Similar climate to Spain.

But the job market is extremely difficult to navigate. The saying in Portugal: “It´s not what you know, it´s who you know”.

Go to Germany? Germany used to have a strong economy, not any longer. Then wet and cold weather and the language barrier. Here are more reasons to stay away from Germany: High taxes, bureaucracy, high cost of living, German food, German mentality, boring nightlife, and no sunny beaches.

WINTER FUN: Canada is known for welcoming attitude toward immigrants.
Winter outdoor fun happy interracial couple playing in snow throwing snowballs during snowball fight in park outside. Laughing asian woman with caucasian young man in winter coats.

Go to Canada? Move to Canada – leaving Canada. This country is known for welcoming attitude toward immigrants. Cities like Toronto and Vancouver offer job opportunities. But Canada has a high cost of living, and long and harsh winters for several months each year. Latest trend: immigrants are leaving Canada after discovering the dark side of living there.

Most attractive country

Go to Australia? Another good option to bring up children, with good healthcare, and education. Also, perfect for outdoor lifestyle and a stable environment. Most migrants come from India, China and United Kingdom. English is the first language, but you are most likely far away from home when moving to Australia.

New Zealand is popular: If you are seeking a more remote and peaceful environment, this is the place. NZ has a strong focus on work-life balance. Offers great career opportunities and high qualities of life. New Zealand gets immigrants from all over the world, and so many Brits who are looking to relocate.

Zurich, the main city in Schwitzerland.
Zurich, the main city in Schwitzerland.

Attractive countries

Switzerland on top: This is a safe and appealing country with high standard of living, excellent healthcare, and education systems. Add the high mountains, fresh air and lot of excellent wine only to buy in Switzerland.

Russia is No Go: This is a huge country in terms of size after Russia in 1645 reached the Pacific Ocean. Today Russia borders to 14 countries. You can move to Russia permanently after living in the country for at least five years. What the heck, who wants moving to Russia in 2023! After hundreds of thousands  Russians left the country since the start of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

WINE WORKING: Harvest of wine grapes by workers in vineyard of Adelaide Hills, Lenswood, South Africa.
WINE WORKING: Harvest of wine grapes by workers in vineyard of Adelaide Hills, Lenswood, South Africa.

Go to South Africa: Lovely weather, easy to make friends, relaxed work culture, and attractions not to be found anywhere else on earth.

The University of Cape Town and Stellenbosch University, which regularly make it onto global university rankings.
But high crime rates, renting house can be expensive, and very laid-back approach to time.

Go to Brazil: This huge country has a little something for everyone. From gorgeous mountain ranges to some of the world´s most beautiful beaches. Brazil is famous for its fruits, coffee and delicious food – and the warm people!

Carnival is the most important event for music, parties and parades. This market is dynamic, flexible and wide open to new ideas, products and services. You can set up and start a business with a minimal amount of capital.
Brazil offers visas for the growing army of digital nomads. I say Por favor, obrigado!

This is Sizzling, food in the Philippines.
This is Sizzling, food in the Philippines.

Go to Philippines: You should absolutely go to Philippines for holiday, and also for permanent living. As the host, Filipinos are right up there as the warmest, friendliest, happiest people you could wish to meet.

There are 2,000 populated islands to choose and a top-rated destination for expatriates. Philippines has a warm climate, welcoming culture, and low living costs make it an ideal destination for living.

What about United Kingdom? To start a career, UK offers a lot of opportunities and also education on the highest level. The UK is also an open-minded country to migrants. According to a new report, the digital tech industry grew six times faster than other sector and employs almost 3 million people.

Great Britain is one of the most expensive countries in the world to live in. At the same time, it offers one of the best standards of living in the world.

Where do I live

Remember, immigration processes vary from country to country. So, do your research carefully and consider your personal situations before deciding. It´s a good idea to visit the country first, and it is different from being a tourist and living in a new country.

After living in Norway most of my life, I moved to London, then to Spain. And discovered a new direction: Live abroad, if you can!

Gudmund Lindbaek
Gudmund Lindbaek
Journalist founded King Goya online travel magazine. Meeting people for engaging stories. I´m off to uncover the best strategies for long life living. This is part of my venture “Around the World in 80 Lanes” – about travel, run sprint, staying fit! I just want a tiny slice of adventures to feel alive, and then excited to return home.


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