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Round trip in Vesterålen: Food, Nature and cultural Treasures

A perfect location for outdoor activities, wildlife and a culinary journey

VESTERALEN, NORWAY: As you hike through breathtaking landscapes, marvel at the presence of whales, moose, and other wildlife. Or chase the northern lights, your voyage culminates in a meal that weaves the tale of Vesteralen. Food takes centre stage in highlighting the region’s exceptional culture and nature, reflecting its short food journey, and seasonal use of local ingredients. This is a journey like no other, where nature and unique flavours intertwine to create the adventure.

Fish and Seafood on the table ©Herman_Henriksen
Fish and Seafood on the table ©Herman_Henriksen

Land and sea

Vesteralen’s culinary identity is deeply rooted in the land and the sea, with a strong focus on locally-sourced ingredients. The region’s game meat, including moose, reindeer, and grouse, adds a distinctive touch to traditional recipes.  Not to be forgotten is the famous and succulent Vesteralen lamb, known for its tender and juicy meat.

It is no surprise that fish play an important role, and the coastal waters offer a treasure trove of delectable fish. Arctic char from Sigerfjord is a standout delicacy, in addition to the famous fish balls, a traditional dish that has been a favourite among locals for generations.

Kvitnes Gård has nine guest rooms and food on the menu
Kvitnes Gård has nine guest rooms and food on the menu

Seasons and flavours

In this bountiful region, the cuisine pays homage to the lush landscape as well, from foraging berries and mushrooms, to savouring fresh vegetables and herbs. Each season brings forth a new array of flavours that find their way onto the plates of eager diners, as well as epitomises the natural treasures surrounding Vesterålen.

Dronningruta (The Queen's Route) is a marked hiking trail between the historical fisherman's villages Nyksund and Stø in the Vesterålen
Dronningruta (The Queen’s Route) is a marked hiking trail between the historical fisherman’s villages Nyksund and Stø in the Vesterålen

In harmony with nature

Kvitnes Gård is located in the heart of Vesterålen. This charming farmstead, dating back to the 19th century, serves as a perfect starting point for your culinary escapade. Stepping into Kvitnes Gård, you are greeted by Chef Halvar Ellingsen, whose passion for local produce and culinary traditions is palpable.

“Food is the gateway to understanding a region’s soul. Through our culinary creations, we share our love for Vesteralen and its unique offerings”, Ellingsen says.

Harvesting from nature

Born and raised in a family that had a strong interest in harvesting from nature, Ellingsen developed an appreciation for the value of the ingredients that thrived in his surroundings, ultimately forming the foundation of Kvitnes ideology.
“The journey to a meal does not commence while the food is prepared in our kitchen. It takes years of preparation – a good compost, nutritious soil, wholesome feed, the right weather conditions, gentle harvesting and gracious slaying”, he explains.

A salty taste of the Norwegian coast
A salty taste of the Norwegian coast

Local food

At Kvitnes Gård, each meal is a celebration of the region’s culinary bounty, as the ingredients used are grown and gathered from the farm or sourced from partners elsewhere in the area. With about one acre of vegetable fields and a variety of animals such as sheep, pigs, cows, goats, ducks, and hens living on the farm, the passion for locally produced ingredients shines through, allowing guests to experience a true connection with nature.

Nature’s culinary tale

Vesteralen’s autumn season offers a captivating blend of nature and culture, inviting visitors to embark on a holistic journey that engages all the senses. This unique destination celebrates its heart and soul through a culinary experience that weaves tales of the people, the land, and their profound connection with nature.

Vesteralen also has moose in the forest
Vesteralen also has moose in the forest

Autumn is unique

By combining dining experiences with active encounters, visitors can immerse themselves in the best of Norway’s northern beauty. The region’s local delicacies not only allow travellers to taste the essence of Vesteralen, but also supports the local community. Autumn is a unique time to experience Vesteralen’s exquisite menu, beautiful landscape and rich culture, and promises to leave an indelible mark on all who embark on this unforgettable journey.

Gudmund Lindbaek
Gudmund Lindbaek
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