Grand Buffet; fresh seafood, roasted chicken and aged prime rib

COLOR MAGIC: If you plan a journey between North Germany and The Norwegian capital of Oslo, this ship is a good alternative to flights, above all if you like to bring your car. Color Magic is a cruise ferry with much to do during the 20-hour trip and various selection of food available at affordable prices.  Most of the magical food served at Color Magic is of high quality and as good as the best restaurants ashore.

The Grand Buffet. I ended up dining at the Grand Buffet Restaurant and was impressed by the selection of cold and hot dishes and not to forget the exceptional high standard. The fish tasted so fresh I almost believed it was catch of the day directly from the Baltic Sea.

Start with fish and seafood

The key to this buffet is to plan ahead. Start to enjoy crab, fresh scrimps and other seafood, the roasted chicken and prime rib, the extensive salad bar and seemingly endless assortment of desserts. Kids was satisfied with a special kid-menu. This Grand Buffet is the best I ever had offshore and ended up as a kind of magical food journey.

Made in Germany

Extra experience. But there are far more alternatives. Oceanic à la Carte Restaurant is the one with the large windows and impressing view and Manhattan Gourmet Restaurant serves a menu of five to seven dishes from different parts of the world – and has a wine expert at hand. Both restaurants have something extra. At Oceanic they serve the ship´s famous T-bone steak, meat hanging and aged extra-long time and made in Germany.

Pizza and cocktails

Mama Bella Pizza Ristorante is popular with pizza and pasta and Cafe Oriental at the promenade is open all day and night. Add three bars, one pub and the panoramic view, live music and cocktails at Observation Lounge high above sea level.

After all the seafood and local smoked salmon, enjoy cocktails in three bars, disco, live music and the Show lounge with Scandinavia’s top musical artists. One sea-journey between Kiel and Oslo is far too short to tatPlan your : Beer festival, drinking, the oompah-pah music and songs and people dressed in traditional Bavarian gear.

October-party: Beer festival, drinking, the oompah-pah music and songs and people dressed in traditional Bavarian gear. Read more. The Oktober Fest in Munich


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