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Kalmar serves the new taste of Sweden

“We serve pedagogic food – there is always a reason”

KALMAR, SWEDEN: This is the city to visit if you want to know more about the country´s history. The high season for tourists was over when I arrived late October and I felt the last tourist had left the Swedish city. But Kalmar has plenty on offer after the summer season; Sports, music, theatre and exhibitions – whatever interests you may have and loads of activities. Not to forget friendly locals and excellent and tasty food, above all meeting with local chefs looking forward with the new taste of Sweden.

Best meat in Kalmar

High ambition

Kallskänken and Postgatan are rated two of the top eateries in Kalmar. Kallskänken is a neighbourhood restaurant with small menu, tasty food and quick service. Nearby Postgatan is a Swedish tapas-restaurant, definitely something new and a kitchen with very high ambition. The self-made food-expert Martin Nilsson explain how they think about running the new kitchen at two restaurants along with the rather small Hotel Hilda.


New taste

“Mainly we serve food made of vegetables and meat from local farmers. But the new Swedish kitchen is changing from the traditional combination of meat and vegetables to organic vegetables and local produced food. We ask the farmers what they can offer, not necessarily what we demand. Today we serve more pedagogical food, it means people understand our food and there is always a reason for the food we serve”, Martin Nilsson explains. He says Kalmar is transforming and developed into a more gastronomic city than ever before.
Kallskänken, Esplanaden 33, Kalmar

Events. In this part of Europe autumn and winter might seem dark and gloomy, but the event-program in Kalmar up to next summer is worth to check out. Providing art exhibitions, golf, fishing in sea and lakes and horseback riding.

Kalmar Castle

Kings and a castle

Kalmar Castle is the most visited attraction with a history stretches back over 800 years when the kings rebuilt it in the style of a Renaissance palace. Join a guided tour if you like to know about the dramatic history of this castle and visit the permanent exhibitions with different themes, that tell the dramatic history of the castle and Swedish kings and queens.

The cathedral. Building of Kalmar Cathedral started in 1660 and reflects Sweden´s great power period. You can just walk in this baroque building and take a look at the masterpiece renovated just a few years ago. You will notice that Kalmar is a historical city with many preserved buildings more than 400 years old.

Summer in the city and on the beach

The Summer City. But Kalmar is a summer city, for the second year people of Sweden has voted this city located on the south-east coast as the top summer destination. Central part boasts wonderful beaches, two reserved for naturists and one for dogs! By the beach of Kalmarsundbadet you will find Pusshållplats, the Kiss Stop, a perfect place at the beach for a quick kiss.

History and new trends

The city center is situated on an island, a guest harbour in the centre of town and you can go swimming at the end of main street. Yes, Kalmar is surrounded by water and during a summer season tourists flock here to get a taste of this city with so much history – and new food trends.

Stefan Johnson, in charge of Kalmar Tourist Office submits his local favourites:
Ironman Kalmar always takes place the third week in August with participants from over 50 countries.
Kalmar Castle is associated with our history and I’m proud to have such a magnificent castle.
A coffee break in the stunning Krusenstiernska courtyard provides a relaxing break.
I often walk in the conservation area Stensö in the southern part of the city.
We have 65 cafes and restaurants in just the center of town. My favourite is the little FF, a bar with a small kitchen which is located at Västerport.
My work next to one of the country’s most visited and popular guest harbours.
One of Kalmar’s advantages is close to my own island of Öland where I was born and raised.

Make it Happen!

Touch Down: Fly to Kalmar with SAS or BRA from Stockholm. The airport is located 5km from the city center. The shuttle bus departs from Kalmar Central Station every twenty minutes and passes the airport. For more info, here is the link to Kalmar Öland Airport, kalmarolandairport.se By train: Several options to get to Kalmar by train: Daily connections from Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo / Copenhagen / Kastrup Airport. By bus: Various bus companies for travel within and outside Kalmar

Stay: Frimurarehotellet is a charming hotel located in the Old Town, opposite the train station and in the middle of the city. Frimurarehotellet.se

Eat: Restaurant Kött & Bar (Meat & Bar) serves excellent and high quality meat. The most tasty and tender beef I have tasted in North-Europe. Kalmarköttochbar.se Try low-cost and tasty lunch at Park Hermina, located next to Kalmar Castle. I recommend a meal at Kallskänken serving traditional and new Swedish food. Kallskanken.nu

Play: Scottish or Irish atmosphere, crowded and genial or more spacious, live music or sports bar – there is something here for all tastes.

Mini Guide: At Kalmar Municipal Tourist Office, you can hire a guide any time of year for city walking tours or sightseeing tours around Kalmar, Öland, the Kingdom of Crystal, the emigration region and the wood carving area.

Gudmund Lindbaek
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