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London Art – Dive in and discover great talent

From Old Masters to modern art, contemporary sculpture and Impressionist paintings in London

LONDON: Surf along paintings, sculptures, ceramics, photographs at the annual London Art Fair in the Business Design Centre where more than 130 galleries showcase contemporary art. Every new year they kick off the art fair season with glitz and glamour. Some of today`s leading artists in Angel, North London, with focus on new works and less establish galleries. For your next visit to London is definite the city of Art.

London art

Art Projects. Alongside the main fair, this year had sections offering a critical look at innovations in the contemporary art world, with a focus on Latin America. Each year they introduces a Platform, this year with focus on dialogues, ceramics and photography.

From journey of life

Galleries. Among respected modern and contemporary galleries from around the world we found great arts at London-based James Freeman Gallery, Tag Fine Arts and Modern Ground as well as paintings and prints presented by Arusha Gallery.
The installation “Dare” by British artist Gail Olding presented by Modern Ground is inspired by a poem and describes a journey by boat through rough waters, a motif from journey of life – with a Swan on the bank of earth. The journey of life is the golden opportunity we all share and must fulfil.

London art
Painting by artist John Bellany

London Art Fairs. During a year you will find art fairs such as Frieze in October, Affordable Art Fair Battersea in March following by Hampstead in May and even more art and antique fares around London all year. There’s an art fair for everyone; whether you’re an experienced collector, or simply looking for an affordable piece of art for your home. Whether you love Old Masters or modern art, contemporary sculpture or Impressionist paintings, London has an art gallery to suit you.

Art and Gamblers

Museums. Many arts and cultural happenings to look forward. The V&A presents the largest exhibition dedicated to the House of Dior, over 500 objects and 200 rare haute couture garments. V&A Museum, London.
To mark the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci, 144 of his drawings go on display in 12 exhibitions across the UK. The drawings are then brought together in the Queen´s Gallery in Buckingham Palace.
From March to August 2019 Tate Britain, London, present the largest collection of artworks by the Dutch impressionist Van Gogh.

Sure, London is the place for art and gamblers and we anticipate most people investing in expensive art must be gamblers. We have exclusive story from Frieze Art in Regent´s Park. Simply dive in and discover great art.

Gudmund Lindbaek
Gudmund Lindbaek
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