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Free inspiration and book your holiday activity

Book tour and activity, walk past queues and get inspiration and tips about great food  and nightlife

CLICK FOR HOLIDAY ACTIVITY. Finally, hands on valuable ads. Media is full of advertisements selling things and providing service we don´t need and few really believe in. That`s why King Goya  travel magazine, published in English and Norwegian has chosen a global partner offering easy access to activities, inspiration and information that will help you and your family on the next journey or holiday. We prefer service delivered by Get Your Guide, who publish ads and inspiration on this website.

Thanks for help! “Great trip, well worth the money. Nice boat trip. Powerful nature on the island. Skilled driver who maneuverer well. Outstanding service from guide Martine in the travel company Viajes Tenerife who helped me fix an error order». A guest wrote this after he booked some offers delivered by Get Your Guide when he and his family visit Tenerife and the nearby island of La Gomera.

Buy tickets. Just few clicks will help you to reserve tickets for the Harry Potter Tour in London, an airport transfers in Lisbon or get around the queue to Eiffel Tower in Paris. This system makes it easy to buy tickets, join guided tours and get tips on gastronomy and nightlife. Get Your Guide is an example that  advice not always need be be expensive.

New York. «I was very happy with this tour in New York. Our tour guide explained in detail  and gave us sufficient time to take pictures. Though this was a one day trip it was not at all rushed and that made it more enjoyable. Perfect for a great day out», a visitor to New York wrote.
In London you can learn behind-the-scenes secrets of making the “Harry Potter” series on a visit to the Warner Bros. Studio. See the whimsical sets, props, and costumes used in the film. Or book a dinner cruise on river Thames.

Holiday Activity. Watch a balletic display by Andalusian horses at the “How the Andalusian Horses Dance” show in Jerez de la Frontera in Spain. Marvel at the skills of the horses and riders as they demonstrate different choreographies, riding in unison, pulling carriages, and more while you listen to Spanish music and admire the traditional costumes. Just click and plan your next trip with the help of King Goya and nsome service from Get Your Guide.

Philip A. Nortvedt
Philip A. Nortvedt
I use to rent a studio in an Italian village and pop up to watch the history and architecture for inspiration. My favourite bar is next to the central Piazza, they do surprisingly fruit drinks and delicious pizza. One day I will tell you the exact location


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