The Queen of Hoxton is a pub, club and everything between

LONDON BY NIGHT: Battle hardened Londoners looking for a Loki Valhalla. Brace yourselves; Shield-Maiden Skye invites you to unwind at her banqueting hall – Skye Halla. Queen of Hoxton has reincarnated their rooftop into a Viking Stronghold – now acclaimed to be an integral part of the Shoreditch Skyline – with the help of festival production guru, Fables.

The Nordic Hideaway celebrates their long boat and atmospheric feasting hall inside a Wigwam decorated with driftwood sculptures. After a tormenting set of stairs find yourself, enter – Skye Halla – where people are snuggling up to crackling fire pits roasting their marshmallows and drinking a horn full of warm mead punch.

The ambiance is warm, the drinks and food, hot! At Skye Halla you can feast on the different hearty Nordic meals such as the Venison Goulash meatballs or a lighter option – Salmon Rosti infused with dill and wild garlic.

Hot and cold. The drinks menu may not be extensive, however prepare to drink like Vikings and try their variety of hot and cold drinks. Sip on the Blood of Loki, warm up to Thor’s courage or try their boozy nettle infused gin. Their prices are pretty average with drinks ranging between £6 and £8 and all meals costing £8 including sides. Skye Halla`s friendly warriors are attentive and quick to respond, contributing to the pleasant experience it offers.

A guests said: “The Queen of Hoxton is a pub, club and everything between. The huge rooftop is one of the funniest in London”.

We say: Skaal to Queen of Hoxton and festival production guru, Fables, for creating a Skye Halla away from Valhalla.

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