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Michelin Star Norbert on the highest level

Ingredients on doorstep, from wild game and suckling pig’s head to mountain herbs and make it Star food

ALTA BADIA, ITALY: For certain chef Norbert Niederkofler is inspired by the breath-taking Dolomite mountain range surrounding Rosa Alpina Hotel and restaurant St. Hubertus. What else could be the reason Niederkofler has been awarded his third Michelin Star.

Michelin Star
Ravioli by chef Norbert Niederkofler

Five stars. More surprisingly, in the 2019-edition of this food-bible, St. Hubertus won its third star, while nearby La Siriola restaurant received their second star. Quite extraordinary, it means the village of San Cassiano has five Michelin stars, or one star for every 172 inhabitants.

Most importantly, Niederkofler has used his skills to produce a menu that capitalize upon the Alpine and Ladin flavours in this South Tyrol region. His “Cook the Mountain” project is focused on increasing the culinary identity of the region´s gastronomic culture.

Michelin Star
Potato Gnocchi

Stuffed ravioli as starter

Firstly, The Chef´s striking starter is ravioli stuffed with chard and served with sliced sardine fillets, chervil oil and rich bacon foam. To make the bacon foam, the chef gently infuses bacon, cream and herbs in a water bath over 8 hours, then uses a siphon gun to create a light, delicate foam.

Potato gnocchi in pink colour

Secondly, No less delicious is his potato gnocchi cooked in a beetroot reduction to give the dumplings a subtle, sweet flavour and pink colour. To add texture, the chef sprinkles the plates with beer soil. If you try the receipt, remember to begin your preparations plenty of time in advance.

Michelin Star
Resturant St Lubertus

Head up to a gastronomic top in the Alps

Hunter´s Patron. The name St Hubertus stands for the patron of the hunters and was a pizzeria before transformed into a restaurant and received first Michelin-star in 2000. Moreover, Norbert select ingredients found on his doorstep, from wild game and meat from local suckling pig’s head to mountain herbs, to create dishes in a light Mediterranean way. The food perfectly personifies Norbert´s dedication to nature and quality. The restaurant is open for dinner only during the summer and winter season.

Michelin Star
Chef Matteo Metullio

Up in the Italian Dolomites, the locals of the tiny village speak a language found only in this remote corner of the Alps. A single main street leading up to the old  church in San Cassiano located at 1537 m.a.s.l. Locals don´t  study posh menus at the Michelin-stars restaurants, but are happy drinking a spritz with elderflower liqueur before heading home for a traditional local lunch.

Food served with this view

In conclusion, The Italians know better than anyone how to rustle up excellent food at 2,000m, and the food is among the best you’ll eat anywhere. Read about food in Cortina and Alta Badia where you can bump into Tom Cruise or George Clooney

Gudmund Lindbaek
Gudmund Lindbaek
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