Miniature Wonderland is the world’s biggest model railway

Visitors at Miniature Wonderland in Hamburg are taken on a journey through different countries and continents, through realistic miniature landscapes and worlds of fantasy. Wonderland portrays stories big and small and discoveries are to be made everywhere you look. From Hamburg with its port, it’s just a few short steps to the Grand Canyon, intersected by a long-haul train crossing a huge wooden bridge.

With lots of details

The America section takes you on a sightseeing tour of the United States, from the Everglades to the bright lights of Vegas and into the Rocky Mountains. Then it’s onwards to Scandinavia, where cargo ships and cruise liners sail through 30,000 litres of real water and you can see Pippi Longstocking and a family of cave-dwelling trolls. This region also boasts a magical snowy landscape with lots of minute details.

The make-believe city of Knuffingen is another must-see with tiny lorries and cars driving through the little streets as if by magic. And it doesn’t end there. Other highlights include a rock concert, a fire brigade, a couple in a field of sunflowers and even the mythical Atlantis. Of course, as well as the Alps, Scandinavia, America and Switzerland, you also get to explore the city of Hamburg in miniature.

Miniature Wonderland is the world’s biggest model railway. By arrangement, wheelchair users and severely disabled people can enjoy exclusive access to Miniature Wonderland.


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