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Murder Capitals of the World – Dangerous as War Zones

Los Cabos, Caracas and Acapulco had most murders in the World. Stay away of Honduras

WARNING: Don´t plan a visit or holiday to San Pedro Sula in Honduras. In this city you are most likely to be killed! But there are far more scary murder capitals of the world. Caracas, Venezuela, has the second highest murder rate on the planet.

Central Park in San Pedro Sula

Cities like War Zones

Lots of the latest UN data shows that many cities may be as dangerous as war zones. And the most risky of all is San Pedro Sula, officially the most violent city in the world outside the Middle East and War Zones. This one million city in Honduras had more than 1,200 killings in a year. Gunfight between police and drug gangs is a regular situation in San Pedro Sula.

Most dangerous cities

Los Cabos, Mexico is the most dangerous city in the world with a murder rate of 111.33 per 100,000 people. This city’s position on the list of the world’s most dangerous cities is indicative of the increase in crime that Mexico has experienced over the last year. Caracas, Venezuela, is the second most dangerous city in the world. With 111.19 murders per 100,000 people, it formerly claimed the top spot. In third place is the tourist city of Acapulco, Mexico.

Stay away

Next on the listing of world’s most dangerous cities and murder capitals are Acapulco, the tourist place in Mexico, with yearly 142 murders per 100,000 residents. Then comes Caracas in Venezuela, Torreon in Mexico, Macelo in Brazil, Santiago de Cali in Colombia, Nuevo Laredo in Mexico, Joao Pessao in Brazil and Kingston, Jamaica. A total of 328 people were murdered in Kingston in 2011. This list change from year to year – change to the worst

While nearly 60,000 people die in wars every year, an estimated 480,000 are killed, mostly by guns, in cities around the world.

Cities without murder

Three world cities – all in Europe – saw no murder in the latest years, according to used figures: Liechtenstein’s capital Vaduz, Valetta in Malta and Monte Carlo. However, Malta had one murder in 2018. In 2011 there were 100 killings in London, a number that has been in pretty consistent decline. However, as a result of knife crime and murders these numbers have increased in London. But European and North American cities are likely to remain relatively safe.

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