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My City Ischia; The Spot-on island for Carla

My City: Ischia the island
Name: Carla Recupito

Born: April 1985 in Naples
Profession: Manager Tourism

I´m an enthusiastic person, in love with travel and with my job in the travel industry. I deal with communication and management of commercial connections. My motto; never give up and smile. Work smart and harder and visit My City Ischia.

Where do you live? I grew up and live in Naples. At least once a year I visit my favourite island of Ischia.
My early memory: Since young age my parents brought me in this magic place, uniquely my first memory was playing near to the blue sea with my sister.

How to find best places to eat? I search on the social network

I smell the sea as a perfume

My favourite in Ischia: In Ischia I have two favourites. A restaurant on the beach in Citara named “La Sirena del Mare” at Via Giovanni Mazzella, 117. I feel like home, I eat and smell the sea as a perfume. My very best moment is at sunset, it´s so beautiful like my heart stop to beat.
In this place you can eat and in the same time you smell the sea perfume.
The second place with such a characteristic atmosphere is “La Bella Napoli” – Via Nuova Marina, 8 – in the centre of Forio. The food is delicious and perfect for lunch and dinner.

Lacco Ameno

Tuna with sesame is delicious

What do you eat there? In Sirena del Mare restaurant I love the bruschetta with Ischia’s tomatoes and pasta Vongole. In La Bella Napoli restaurant my favourite plate is a starter called “Antipasto Bella Napoli” and the Tuna with sesame is so delicious.

Typical local food? Rabbit cacciatore and kind of fish and seafood with Biancolella white wine. Here Impepata di cozze – or mussels – is a good light meal.

My favourite pub: At Citara’s Square in Ischia my fav pub is “Il Panino”. I go there with  friends for a quick lunch or a good sandwich after a night out.

Eden Garden for a first date

Best for a first date? Cartaromana for the elegance and have dinner in a restaurant near the sea, the best one for me is “Eden Garden” – Via Nuova Cartaromana, 62 – in front of the suggestive Aragonese’s Catle. Best place after dinner is Sorgeto, here you find a natural pool with sea-water thermal, and in the night you can swim under the stars.

My best travel advice: Use the possibility to explor whether it is a city or the nature. Live like a local people and visit new places.

My choise of Event: The Easter in Ischia. Explore the real atmosphere of this tradition and in Forio you can be part of a suggestive tradition called the Angel’s flight.

I getaway walking barefoot

Your regular escape? Walking barefoot on the beach touched by the waves of the sea in the night

Most romantic place you have been? For sure the Rockfeller Center at the Christmas’s time.

.Why do you travel? Because of my imagination and the possibility to fly and to be amazed again and it´s part of my work.

What do you collect on journey? Postcards, some local music and many photos

Best for nightlife? London, for the city life, for the people and for the differente culture you can meet and spend time

What for a perfect holiday? I love travel by myself, but for a perfect holiday a need company of just right people

Your worst travel experience? A visit to Amsterdam, not because of the city but for my company.

Where next: Off to Africa for a Safari.

More exclusive reading:For years, Ischia was the hot-spot in Europe – until Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Lopez were spotted here 20 years ago. Now it´s more about spa, hot water and La Dolce Sosta.

Get to Ischia: The fastest way to Ischia is by Alilauro Hydrofoil boat departing from Naples

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Gudmund Lindbaek
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