Traditional Crafts, designs and heritage through a sustainable environment in innovative style

CAIRO: A chilly sweet December in Cairo, Egypt. But the French Institute  and Culture Center  located in Mounira district offered an elaborate gift for passionate fans and scholars as well.

The opening night at the Take Caire art exhibition showcases the dazzling craftsmanship and artisan-ware of local designers and talented artisans. A sensational colorful display  of wood carving, glass blowing, new look brass accessories, handmade carpet weaving, sculptured marble cups and up-cycling jewelry styled after exotic Pharaonic Fashion.

Inspiration. Sylvie Blanchet is the project leader and lived in Cairo for the past 12 years. She was inspired by the energy radiating from the unique talents and craftsmanship of traditional designers and artisans rooted in their ateliers in hypnotic medieval  Cairo alleys and  antique shops.

Emilie Kartsonas, the energetic co-founder of the initiative, is an architect and  videographer contributed to the kick off and success of the project. Her Greek roots fuel the sacred undying  passion for art, vision and authentic designs.

Local tradition. I met Farah Hassanein, a graduate of the German University in Cairo,  offered a  highlight of the event “the ultra philosophy behind the project is to promote local traditional Crafts, designs and heritage through a sustainable environment in an innovative style”.

Egypt suffers from a chronic excessive garbage load. The Zabaleen (garbage Collectors) community is being transformed to a creative, productive center.
That yields upcycled carpets, women accessories fabricated  out of soda cans, decorative quilts, and organic paper bags. Mrs. Youssria Sawaris, a social developer  and philanthropist  was Capable of shifting the status of Zabaleen from outcast to respectful, income generating, educated citizens.

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