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Nightlife: Frevo in tune with erotic movements

RECIFE: Special nights, celebrities on the red carpet and live bands playing until very late. Recife is famed for its active and vibrant nightlife.  The majority of venues are located in Boa Viagem and Recife Antigo. Here the music style frevo rules, the most traditional rhythm of North Brazil, and far more popular than traditional samba. On dance floors at night clubs it is performed intense and intimate, with movements more in tune what’s going on in bedrooms.

Temptations.Brazil has a reputation for being a place that can out-party any country on earth and night life in Recife is gloriously so. People escapades and bar hopping adventures with a delectable serving of food and drinks come in cheap. The average price for the large style beer called cerveja is two dollars or 1, 5 euro only. This is because locals have a certain flair for festivity and chill out with friends. Cachaca, Brazil’s sugary form of rum will get any evening moving, not least if drunk with lime as a caipirinha. And visiting clubs and music bars you will find more temptations than last month’s issue of Penthouse.

UK Pub is not a traditional British bar, but rather a popular music club with live bands performing more or less every night. The house offers drinks and light dining options. Address: Rua Francisco da Cunha, 165, Boa Viagem.

Clube Metrópole. A nightclub mainly aimed at the gay crowd, but all variations come here at night. It is a very lively and well relaxed. Shows on the stage. Dance floors, bars and roof terrace. Brazilian and international guest DJ’s. Adresse: Rua das Ninfas, 125 – Boa Vista.

Chameleon Bar. An ideal place for those who like traditional rock’n’roll, with an endless variety of delicious snacks and sandwiches. The comfortable air-conditioned interior leads out to an outdoor patio filled with greenery. Drinks range from beers to cocktails, all prepared by skilled bartenders. Address: Rua Correia Araujo, 81, Recife.

Manhattan Coffee Theatre. A sophisticated mix of quality music and gastronomy in comfortable surroundings particularly for visitors of all tastes and ages. The chef creates a surprise dish each night. The show begins in the kitchen, where everything is prepared fresh, and then carried out to your table straight away by the waiter. Manhattan has kept going for nine years as a concert venue with an intense music program including shows of local bands and national artists. The waiters always take the stage before the main attraction. Address: Rua Francisco da Cunha, 881, Boa Viagem.

MP Bar,  Avenida Beira Mar, 20, Piedade, Jaboatão dos Guararapes. Live music, local bands.

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Brazil Facts
Visas: Required for visits of a maximum 90 days, with one extension possible.
Public holidays: New Year’s Day; Independence Hero Tiradentes (21 April); Labor Day (1 May); Independence (7 September); Memorial (2 November); Proclamation of the Republic (15 November); Christmas Day.
Good buys: Coffee; drunk strong, sweet and dark and bought in local markets.
Typical food: Diverse, with lots of seafood (including the badejo, a delicious sea bass), fresh fish from the Amazon and beefsteaks straight off the southern plains. The more staple diet consists of rice and beans and a variety of stews, including feijoada and moqueca, made of seafood flavoured with coconut milk.
Interesting fact: Brazil is the only country to be named after a tree.

Gudmund Lindbaek
Gudmund Lindbaek
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