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Review at the sea: Fun cruise for everyone

During school vacation you’ll see plenty of youngsters

THE MEDITERRANEAN: Norwegian Epic is primarily a kids’ ship. The complimentary children’s and teen’s program, with age-appropriate play, sports and activities plus the fantastic onboard water park, means Epic is a natural pick for families. During school vacation you’ll see plenty of youngsters.

norwegian epic
Lucas and Carmen on a cruise not to forget

On this 1,081 feet and 19-deck mega-ship it can take a bit of getting used to the activities going on. As a result, passengers can spend a lot of time on endless walks trying to locate cabins.


“Epic is nice and very spacious”, Lucas (12) and Carmen (15) said. They shared a balcony room with their parents. The children slept in a bed that folded out from the ceiling that room steward laid out and folded up in the morning.

You wan´t to be hungry

Food: One thing that is guaranteed is that you won’t leave this ship feeling hungry or bored. Lucas and Carmen about the food: “In short, we can eat what we want, when we want. From grills by the pool and endless buffets, from pizzas, pasta and posh nosh. We always enjoy dinners with our parents”.

France, Italy and Spain

Best time: Most Western Mediterranean cruises set sail during spring, summer and fall. Early spring and late fall sailings mean lower fares and fewer crowds. Most families want to cruise from mid-June to Mid-August. Western Mediterranean from Barcelona is cruising in cutting-edge style, an exciting floating resort, taking in some of the most enchanting ports in France, Italy and Spain.

Visiting Rome

Once in Rome we were on our own. A lot of walking but no better way to see the city and we passed by Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon and the Spanish steps. With children it’s not a good idea queuing up at Colosseum.

Palma de Mallorca

We just walked off the ship and headed to the city centre which is very close to the dock and did bit of retail therapy.

Cruise on Norwegian Epic

Carmen, My highlights:
Water slides and outdoor activities.
The Gaming Room
Dance show. Grab a seat, it’s Showtime!
Teen Club

Lucas, My highlights:
Water slides
The game room
Restaurant Teppanyaki. A skilful chef makes steak, seafood and chicken on a large grill.
Our Cabin

Bad service part of Paris’ charm. Vive la Difference!

Alfred L. Nortvedt
Alfred L. Nortvedt
Alfred is a highly regarded Video Maker specialized in documentaries and works for the biggest daily and media house in Oslo, Norway. From time to time he delivers engaging travel stories to King Goya. Study in Buenos Aires.


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