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Ritz-Carlton Dubai; A Touch of Elegance and glamour

“You know good things are in store”

Guests are spoilt for choice – and space at Jumeirah Beach

DUBAI: Few better places to take a luxury break than Dubai, a city known for its extravagance. From bottomless champagne brunches, enormous shopping malls selling the latest in designer goods, or simply it’s effort to re-create the entire world out of sand. Combine Dubai’s need to make everything bigger and better with a world famous luxury brand, you know good things are in store at Ritz-Carlton Dubai.

Arabic Night at Ritz-Carlton in Dubai

Two hotels

The Ritz-Carlton chain has opened two hotels in Dubai, one in the downtown business area, and one on the beach! Of course we picked the hotel at the beach! The summer months of July and August are perhaps not the ideal time to visit. The temperature soar well into the 40s but we weren’t going to let that deter us We packed our bags full of bikinis and sundresses and jumped on a flight all ready to be welcome into our luxurious new home at the Ritz-Carlton on Jumeirah Beach.

Style of glamour

The Ritz-Carlton Jumeirah Dubai can be described as elegant with a touch of glamour. The impressive lobby area marked by a gorgeous fountain in the middle. This in front of a wide double-sided staircase leading down to the gardens and pools. There is an emphasis on service throughout the hotel with all the staff being notably friendly. I was most impressed with how our room was always magically cleaned as soon as we left it!

Our reporter Aislinn was impressed


Jumeirah Beach is home to many of Dubai’s luxury hotels and is one of the most popular areas to stay. The beach is next to the beautiful Dubai marina and the JBR walk. When you stroll down the promenade you can find many upscale shops and restaurants, which will keep you entertained for days. Other tourist attractions including the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall are a 15-minute drive away.

Ritz-Carlton Dubai
The beach at Ritz-Carlton


The Ritz-Carlton offers a selection of rooms and suites including a Club Lounge for Ritz-Carlton Club level guests. We stayed in a deluxe room, which had its own private balcony over-looking the Arabian Gulf. The deluxe room is the smallest room type available yet I was amazed by how spacious it was. We opted for a twin room and checked in to find two double beds with ample space still remaining in the room.

Pool at Ritz-Carton

Dining at Ritz

Guests are spoilt for choice at the Ritz-Carlton Jumeirah with 9 restaurants and lounges to choose from! There is everything on offer from light snacks, to casual eats, to more formal dining. I particularly enjoyed breakfast, which spread across several rooms. There was an entire room dedicated to bread and another area dedicated to pancakes and waffles, now that is something I could get used to!


The gym at the Ritz-Carlton is the first hotel gym that I have encountered that hosts fitness classes for its guests. There are even a number of classes to pick from including spin, kettle bell, and boot camp training. If classes aren’t for you, you can also book your own personal trainer. Aside from the gym the hotel also has a spa with 9 treatment rooms and 3 outdoor swimming pools.

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